So what hunters are next in the adaptation line?


I know it’s either Hyde,Griffin,Bucket,Lazarus.

I just hope we get these fairly quickly I’d hate for say Bucket v2 to be another 6 months away.


From what they did last time, my best guess is Laz.



Make another Maggie. With daisy what shoots missiles from her back that shoot flamethrowers.

That’s what Hyde original thought :grin:

All jokes aside I’m probably gonna go with Hyde or Bucket. What they’ll have is hard to suggest though?

Maybe Hyde with a better minigun please !
And instead of a gas grenade an explosive grenade that packs a punch but has a long reload time? :smiley:


I bet Lazarus and Griffin are the last two hunters we see. Mainly just based on the fact that they both rely heavily on utility to help the team. I believe it will take quite a whole to properly come up with concepts to alter/balance their mechanics

I’m hoping TRS will keep in mind are old, fav playstyles when making laz and wraith variations . For those of us who understand that their current playstyles are unbalanced, but would rather see those concepts balanced properly then to see those playstyles disappear from the game entirely


Judging by the way they have been doing things, it’s safe to assume that they will go in this order…

:monster: Goliath
:medic: Val
:assault: Markov
:support: Hank
:trapper: Maggie
:monster: Kraken (Where we are currently)
:medic: Lazarus
:assault: Hyde
:support: Bucket
:trapper: Griffin
:monster: Wraith
:medic: Caira
:assault: Parnell
:support: Cabot
:trapper: Abe

…and, if we’re lucky…

:monster: Behemoth
:medic: Slim
:assault: Torvald
:support: Sunny
:trapper: Crow
:monster: Gorgon
:medic: Emet
:assault: Lennox
:support: Kala
:trapper: Jack


I just wanted T2, Wraith, and T5 adaptations :cry:


Crow Adaptation! Elite Blitzleapord Hype!!!


Well T2 is coming, and Wraith immediately after, so don’t lose hope!


I’m praying for a nice stealthy Wraith, and DLC adaptations. I love the Monster adaptations, I love all adaptations actually, but I’m only really excited for Bucket, Laz, and if it happens then all T5


I’m really excited for Lazarus, Wraith, Cabot, and if they happen, Emet and Kala.


Emet and Kala are my most hype if it happens. That’s a lie. Behemoth and Gorgon :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah, monsters exist.

Alright. Lazarus, Wraith, Cabot, AND IF IT HAPPENS, Behe, Gorgon, Emet, and Kala.


What about Slim?


I wait for his stupid dragonfly heart to fail.


Laz and Bucket are the 2 I can’t wait for in T2.
For T3 Cabot and also maybe Caira or Parnell?


Recategorized to hunters section since we are talking about adaption of hunters ^^


A Wraith that runs even more than it does now?


U took that from me!


Kinda did.