So What Happens To All Of Our Badges And Character Progression?





They are gone. Its been answered in the other threads already as well.


Everything is reset. If you have Founder status then you’ll have access to special animated badges.


Welp, that’s enough to make me quit the game for good this time.

Resetting all that hard work after putting up with that wait. 10/10


Have fun with your future endeavors.


Whoa, hadn’t read that before. I’m siding with the OP. Shit. Making something that was paid into an F2P never goes without consequences. Ugh.


The progression system is not the same as it used to be. Progression is now tied to each character rather than just your account. You aren’t losing anything, in fact you’re getting a lot more content in the end.


Why? All the perks are changed. Its practically a different game. You should at least give it a try. You have a huge step up over the new players.

By quitting, you are only hampering your own enjoyment.


Yeah, I get it’s all new, but losing all badges and things that were tied to characters? That’s news to me and that blows.


I believe you’re losing badges. My understanding is that if you have skins as a result of progress in Stage 1, then you keep them. Does badges being gone really matter all that much? I may be out of touch with the common gamer, but badges really aren’t high on my priority list, especially when much funkier new ones appear to be available.


To me, new content and new maps are more important rather than making us re-do the old content lol…that’ll fun, unlocking all over again the same stuff!


I don’t think it’s the same stuff that we’re unlocking, for example there’s an entirely new elite skin


I’ll have to see whenever this decides to come to console, but losing anything I’ve gained is not really cool with me. F2P is not a gaming model I appreciate, generally speaking.

Of course, I’ll give new Evolve it’s day in court, but nothing about TU9 had me excited this whole time.


Shredder was the same, and he’s currently loving it :smiley:


Agreed. I would’ve loved some new content as opposed to all these changes, but I’m in the minority.


Why are we though?

Nearly 2 years later they have released how many new maps, 3? It’s shameful. They originall said they would give us a new map every month or couple of months…didn’t happen.

The game needs more than a rebalance, it needs a staggering amount of new content, NOW, new maps, new gamemodes, new maps, new gamemodes, did i say new maps? Mapssssssss.


I dont care for skins or credits, content to enjoy should be priority 1 right now.


Well… in fairness, they have been redoing the maps. They’ve completely overhauled 4 of them, and so while they’re not “new” they are certainly new versions. And then the whole way of the game right now is also new content, not to mention the 4 planned adaptations that are clearly not far (at least one of them anyway) from release.

Like, the devs have been working on overhauling the game, and yet peeps be pretending like the only thing they’ve been doing is new badges and some skins?! I get, even if I don’t understand, that people are unhappy that they might be losing badges, but it’d be cool not to pretend that new stuff isn’t being made too :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: also… lets not get ahead of ourselves. Game modes? No. There’s a reason that the existing game modes got taken out. This is a back to square 1 patch. make sure it works, make sure that it gets people on board and retains them. If it passes that hurdle and retains players THEN they can think about game modes when the playerbase is sustainable.


Evac and Nest were fine though…could landslide them win my friends as hunters or by myself as monster easily enough, dunno why they were taken out.

I get it, they are at least trying, i appreciate the effort…I really do.

I get what you are saying too, still, “brand new” maps should be a thing. I have made about 14 environments in the cryengine since crysis came out, i’d say each environment is diverse and refined enough by now for a MP game. It’s can’t be a time thing, making cryengine maps is not hard (we have the toolset available ofc) so perhaps you are right…for now it’s just a “reset to zero” patch.

I wont hold my breath, but i’ll keep a close watch, more stuff would be appreciated down the pipeline.


Whoa, whoa, game modes were taken out? Okay, this just keeps getting worse.


I don’t know. To me the biggest problem with Evolve has always been the steep learning curve that people don’t seem to want to deal with. Also, the fact that the tutorials were so limited and on top of that, they had plans to remove the existing vids from the game.

As far as I know, none of this has been remedied and with all the changes, old players have to learn a whole new game.

The only reason I think they went this route instead of adding new content for the loyal playerbase they had is because we weren’t large enough to justify it. So, they’re trying to win people back and grow the playerbase.

Personally, I don’t think this uptick will last because of what I stated above and I’ve seen this exact same route fail in other games. I believe Evolve is a niche game and you either get it or you don’t.