So what do you think about this:


I was playing Goliath, Stage 2, Full armor, against a full Elite team (Cabot, Abe, Caira, Markov)
Got domed, lost maybe half my armor, before I downed Markov. And Caira just needed ONE FUCKING GRENADE to put him back up EVEN BEFORE I HAD THE TIME TO THROW A ROCK AT HIM.
By the time I realised he was already up again (took 3sec) He was shielded and melting me while Cabot, 150m away, was using the Amp.
My first ragequit before loss since release and I am no ashamed to admit it…
If those guys were no cheaters, than the game is seriously cheated…
Come already with your “learn to play” and “prove it with footage”…
This is so wrong…


The moment someone goes down, if Caira is close by her heal burst + 1-2 grenades is enough for a rez. Whenever I play against Caira I just give a strike or two knowing they will be up right away and continue to proceed with combat as if nothing happened. Being rezzed straight away after an incap isn’t always the right thing to do as you can get downed right away because you are weaker and usually in a bad position.


Don’t you think that’s too easy?
I was about to damage Markov with a rockthrow before attacking Medic but I didn’t even have 1 second time to do so…


Nah. People coming straight back into combat with a strike and in a position where I knocked them down and everyone doesn’t have their cooldowns back up. I usually like when people get rezzed mid-dome. It makes it easier to get more strikes.


Knowing the monster wasn’t on top of the medic, it isn’t the game’s fault. Medic should be a top focus.

Plus, strikes make the game easier. Rez or not, you just saved effort in the future.


Ya, with Caira it’s REALLY hard to kill a Hunter after incapping them. A good Caira will either heal bomb the taret so it doesn’t die and you get punished for camping. It’s usually better to take the strike and get back into a good position to continue the fight.


Last night, I played for about 4 hours (lvl 32 now) – went to bed about 5 am. The most curious thing happened to me – I started winning.

Yeah, they were probably chumps, but they were all around my level and I saw those green 'nades and the red arc of that Damage Amp just plenty.

(that Maggie win was me and a bot hunters against a Human monster – he definitely did not know what he was doing as he apparently spent the first ten seconds standing in the drop zone, so that was definitely a ‘gimme’)


I’m just so sad that the detail of the App’s replays isn’t in the main game.


Focusing Medic (which I did and usually do) when Cabot was on DAmp was just to much of a health loss…
I am used to Cabot and Caira, something was defenetly wrong with this match.
All Elites so maybe they all took damage perk or something but still, it was overunbalanced then. You cannot allow a Stage 2 full armor death in … 15 seconds and say everything is fine!


you gotta remember that a dome fight is not the end of the world and that this is indeed a battle of attrition. agaisnt caira i do not body block. theres no point. he has his strike you have already won that battle. work on the next strike to further your lead. i suggest cabot since he has the damage amp. or the trapper since the dome will fall and you can re armor.

if its not laz i let them get back up for free. its another strike i can impose on them


Why aren’t you focusing Cabot in this comp o-o

@kyronr600 Getting up for free is a poor way to phrase it. Punishing another player while one is down is better put.


I agree. not the best wording. but alot of monster players have been doing that hardcore. just sitting on the body til it dies but eating the damage in order to do so.


I feel it depends on how the hunters are positioned. While I do believe it tends to be better to focus another hunter when one drops I do believe that it has its roles outside Laz comps. Getting someone knocked out for 2 minutes is huge, but shouldn’t be your main goal. Getting strikes and hitting stage 3 is your main goal at stage 2. Winning off of stage 2 is a bonus.


I only do so if its the medic. keep my eyes open for big damage coming my way and cc them back. after the medics gone lifes easier and you can usually put the game away


Like I said none of those well known strat were even possible to consider.
My armor and health just melted in less than 15 seconds after Parnell was up again.

Edit: Markov*** not Parnell


i pick people up with val in split seconds with med gun and fart.


you didnt turn on cabot then. parnells damage is pretty low if hes not hitting multipliers. after parnell went down u shud have turned onto cabot.


Of course I did… One rock in his face, made him fly away, that’s when I downed Markov…


It’s Markov, but same story…


so where did your armor go lol. are you the wraith or something? u downed assault and flew the support away you should be taking zero damage. after assault gets back up support should be going down soon too.