So what about hacks?


In a game were the traper knew were i was all the time, he had constant jetpack, speed boost from start, and the dome could be spammed.

So the good thing about this is he sucked and he quickly got 2 strikes and then when he died he instantly joined the game.

So what systems do turtle rock to prevent hacks?

These hacks in the hands of a good hunter is a nightmare.


You need evidence though, many players have complain already about hacks but in the end it seems like it was just 3 stars perks or buffs and the infinite jetpack is actually a bug it seems, not a hack


Actually, a bunch of us got video footage of clear hacks and sent them in to TRS, who confirmed that they were hacks, and are working on it.


Good, can’t believe there are hackers already, but yeah, the first thing devs demand is proof, so I doubt they will consider this thread sadly,


Likely not. I know a lot of people- myself included- sent in videos definitively proving that- even with every elite perk at once- the Hunters were hacking.


Not doubting you though lol


At my school we got tablets and my mom works in the districts IT department, and they put a shit ton of restrictions on them. My mom was talking about how they made sure no one could bypass the restrictions, and how they were unhackable, and two days later everyone had a hacked tablet, looking up and downloading god knows what.

Moral of The Story: If a bunch of idiotic highschoolers can hack into a security system created by their school districts elite IT people, than smart adults can easily hack a video game.


Schools elite IT.

That’s nearly an oxymoron :stuck_out_tongue: in all seriousness high schoolers are damn inventive in circumventing restrictions.


Ok lol, very good point friend


EDIT: Removed what I had said as it doesn’t seem appropriate in the way that it could encourage the use of more ‘hacks’.

I opened a ticket with 2K regarding the matter and entrusted them with links on said matter.