"So we're going down there?" Val asked

Nothing about Evolve. He does write fantasy novels I believe.

That sounds nasty…

No. No it doesn’t.

Aww man. I saw it was a thread by Matthew and immediately thought he was posting some new stories. :cry:



by yours truly bows

map o dis pic pls

and also that centipedes as a wildlife

Just go play King Kong for Gamecube/Xbox360, you’ll get the same atmosphere.

Should we close this? Its pretty old. ima just tag some people just in case we should
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REVIVIFIER READY! :lazarus_cute:

I don’t feel like it should, it’s a eh, story :stuck_out_tongue:
I dunno.

Maybe @Matthew should add more XD

the problem I have with it is that as bot said earlier people will think its a new story and so did I, I thought it was new and I got excited then saw what it was…

Everything in Evolve… is new and exciting

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Pat pat
True, that.

where is the dislike button he speaks the lies of lies! if you already saw it, it won’t be exciting and ft3 isn’t exciting!