"So we're going down there?" Val asked

“So we’re going down there?” Val asked.

“That’s where the monster is,” Griffin said, grinning. He looked hungry, feral.

“You got another option, darlin’, we’re all ears,” Hank said.

‘I was thinking about a map maybe? A plan?’

“What use, a map?” Markov challenged. “A map is not the cave. And a plan? The plan is fire. Lightning. Steel.”

“Yeah. Ok. That’s what I figured,” Val shrugged. She looked at Griffin. “Lead on, great hunter.”

Four jetpacks burned into life, carrying the hunters out, and down. Into the depths of the alien cave where the monster waited for them.

(Early Evolve concept art)


and then the crocodile attacked them :smiley: i heard that one of the press event players as a goliath smacked the croco with 1 attack and then the hunters aggroed him and the croco killed like 2 hunters almost instantly :smiley: and easy win for the goliath :D! is this true ?

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You’re referring to the Tyrant, and yes, I saw that with my own two eyes in Australia :D. It was one Hunter, but yeah Goliath knocked him off a cliff into a Tyrant pit, and the Tyrant chomped him right up. In disarray, the other Hunters couldn’t free him from the Tyrant’s jowls in time and he bled out, leaving an easy 1v3 cleanup for Goliath for the victory!

Those moments are what I live for in Evolve.


thanks for the info :D! when i actually come to think of what you actually just said gives me a lost of gameplay info i havent heard anywhere like the tyrant mechanics and also these situations make a match interesting :smiley: and i also love things like that give me a lot to think of as a strategist. That is also one of the main reasons im so interested about goliath <3 and other monsters too. I also heard that the press event included of a match/matches where the press was as hunters and a TRS veteran player as a goliath and he totally pwned first in couple of minutes and then he farmed so fast to evolution 3 that they could not even believe. Thats why im so interested in evolve it tells me that an experienced player can make A LOT of difference in the match. I want to get better and there is no stopping me >:–D

Would be hilarious if that cave in the concept art was actually the monster’s throat.


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I just love games with a great story like this.

Btw I really like the concept art picture.

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is that concept a concept of a new map or an another location on the map we have been shown?

Great little story you’ve got there! Keep em going!

And you guys are getting me pretty stoked for the Tyrant, I want so see some screenshots of that big bastard!

i actually heard that the tyrant was near the river at the toher end of it and i also heard the the cave was hiding a big creature that goliath was leading them into :smiley:

Im looking forward to lots and lots of inter-character dialogue, like what L4D had. Also that concept art right there looks like a tremendously fun type of map.


I hope they keep a sense of humor… L4D characters were funny as hell!

Francis, is there anything you don’t hate?

Good times :slight_smile:


i believe the humor part is also included here :wink:

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Is this an example of the short stories you said you write? And if possible would we be able to get a couple more? Really enjoyed reading this the second time around

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This was literally something I wrote on the Evolve page when they posted this concept art. No one told me to do it, I was just inspired.

At some point all the stuff I’ve written will be available for everyone. We just want to get the most bang for our buck.


Any possibilities for snippets before official release, though?

It will all come out well before release, it’s just a question of: in what format? Where?

Once all the heroes are announced, things get easier. Val’s story, for instance, references hunters you do not wot of!

Understood, fair enough.

I revived this because laz, also @Matthew right a book, like, you should.


This is the ultimate necro-post. You’re literally the God of necro-posting. This thread is one year old. And yes, it’s beautiful. But you necro’d it. How dare you. A year old thread. Just… Necro’d. Why?

Also, he has written books.

I literally regret nothing, first the what if thread, now this,

also, has he really made an evolve one? I know the short stories but, actual books?

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