So we're expecting a whole lot more lines/scripts for the hunters


And I can’t wait ;_;
I can’t wait to see how Hyde, Bucket, and Abe interact with Slim- My reasoning is:
-Slim talks about how Abe looks and talks to him
-Hyde fought against Slim’s kind in the mutagen wars (Generation 1, Slim is Gen 3 afaik)
-Bucket is extremely curious about meeting an insectoid.

Ofcourse, there’s going to be so much more to learn about, and I really hope these upcoming lines flesh out the lore and characters even more, because I absolutely LOVE the Evolve universe. I also wanna say, nice job Turtlerock, this game is brilliant, and I am hooked. <3


Yeah, I’m hoping the new scripts get added soon. I had too many drop ship openings with complete silence.


That’s also true. xD


I like how in the steam evolve patch notes for 2.0 it says:
"• Audio Improvements to Dropship Conversations…there should be more of them playing now "

Yet, I haven’t heard much conversations at all while trying out each of the hunters. :confused:
It was pretty much quiet on each drop ship ride~


I really want to see how all of those characters interact with each other.


I was playing with the tier 4 hunters and I only heard 2 conversations


I get the occasional silence but it’s kinda 50/50 for me, it’s like, silent drop, chatty drop, silence, chat, silence and so on and so forth. It’s a little awkward when it’s all quiet and nobody even says a solo line, but still.
Gif is fitting.


That gif definitely sums it up, my last match was completely silent and then Markov said a solo line near the end of the flight~


“only second till battle”


Oh, funny story for a drop. It’s dead silent for most of the drop intro, then suddenly Maggie says “okay, enough talking”. I was like… um, what talking…?? :no_mouth:


A couple days ago one of the streamers was taking requests of who to play & everyone wanted to hear if Slim & Hyde had any dialogue together, so he used them for just that reason, loaded up… dead silence dropship opens Maggie: “Okay, enough talk.”


Would be intresting to see if we learn anything more about the monsters with Maggie-Torvald or Caira-Torvald convos.

both M & T have survived monsters, and likely know more about them than the others, and Caira will prob question him, likely pissing him off :stuck_out_tongue: