So we are worst than hackers according to a selfish player


So I notice the online players is low, me and my friend decided to help with the event and also help non founder to get that P.Parnell by utilizing the speed glitch to finish a coop game faster(because of the ai speed boost running around the map for more that 10minutes is kind of a hassle).

Then we are joined randomly by this player we will just call “K”, while we are using the glitch he branded us hackers for using the glitch. I tried to reason with him why we are using it, but to no effect on him, he was assault and we needed his dps. He just stand in the middle of the map just saying stuffs on how bad we are.

We’re just doing this because the player activity is very low and the chance of getting that P.Parnel for non founders is very low imo.

It’s your call community, if you think what we’re doing is bad, we’ll stop it.


Yeah, you’ve used an exploit and are ruining other people’s fun. Some people want to play, not just complete the challenge.


In all of our game we were just queued into 2player and 2 ai
So I think we’re not ruining others in those games.
At the character select screen we already told him what are we going to do, so if he still thinks that we ruined his game, well sorry then.


People using the speed bug because the monster AI is stupidly fast even a good hunter can’t finish the game under 8 minutes… transversal regen and movement gain huge buff for AI but it is still stupid not to attack the hunters unless it is domed

But it’s an exploit and it’s wrong…


Eh. I mean it’s not a monster player being affected so it’s not that bad. It might be a bit annoying for a hunter who wants to play but come on, it makes basically no difference- right now the AI are just so horrible that it’s equally boring.

In fact it’s probably less boring when someone uses this glitch because it eliminates some of the grind.


If a player is not on the receiving end of a negative bug or glitch then it’s okay in my book.

Since you’re using it to speed up a tedious process for everyone I say it’s fine again.

Sounds like that K guy was just a twat. I’ve had those who claim hax just because.

Now if you were speeding about against a player then yeah its a shitty thing to do.

Do what you will really when vs AI.


Even the hunt monster AI when I que yesterday with only 4 people is a nice challenge… it even initiates like a human being and focus on hunter regardless it is domed or not… compare to coop monster AI with steroid speed but only running around and fight when only domed, no wonder the count for coop in deepest dark event is low


Yeah “K” even said that we could counter it with crow, well I explained to him that all slowing effects doesn’t really help vs coop ai, as usual he doesn’t believe it. But oh well that’s life haha


If you were in a private match with the other players aware that you’re using an exploit, I’d be okay with it… But you were playing in a public setting, and therefore impacting on other players experiences in the game.

I’ve heard every possible variant of the “I’m only doing it because…” and it’s irrelevant. Whatever your intentions are, you are potentially having a negative impact on other players experiences when you exploit, and that’s not cool.

That said, I certainly don’t consider it as comparable to cheating or hacking. Ultimately, you’re not doing anything the game doesn’t allow through it’s mechanics. Rocket Jumping was originally an exploit (Back in Doom)… Now it’s a staple of the genre.

Is it a PvP experience? Don’t exploit. Is it a co-op experience (vs AI)? Make sure everyone playing is on board with the idea before exploiting.

That’s my opinion anyway.


As I said before, we are always queued with 2players + 2ai bots(because of buggy MM) before this happened. Then we are randomly queued with 1player, we also informed him in the character select screen and he can leave if he wants but he didn’t respond, so we just assumed he’s on board with it.


If you’d like i could be a third in your group tomorrow, after i get some rest. Also to me personally, as long as the person is okay with it, or as long as you warn them, and you’re not in pvp, everything is allowed.

Until it is patched, do the thing. However, realize that once some bad eggs use it in PvP, it will be patched.


Yup that’s why I said it in reddit and in here, in some post to avoid playing monster in normal hunt for a while till this glitch is fixed.


I’m not here to pass judgement on you. I believe you have a conscience and can decide for yourself if your actions were acceptable. Unfortunately, when it comes to exploits, even when you’ve adequetly disclosed your plans ahead of the game it still puts you into a grey area depending on how those actions impact on the other players.

What I will say, Is that I don’t believe he’s a “selfish player” for wanting to play the game as intended, and as such not assisting you in your efforts. Ultimately, you negatively impacted his experience, and he negatively impacted yours (by not engaging in the match). I’d call that a draw. Nobody got the experience they were looking for.

P.S. Thanks for your efforts towards the challenge. Co-op isn’t particularly fun or engaging, but we all want them sweet sweet rewards.


Just wanted to ask why you think that non founders got a very low chance of getting P.Parnell? Cant you just buy him? Or do non founders get so low keys amounts? I am a founder and I have ofc no problems with keys bcs I dont have to buy anything but skins, but would be interested how key management is for non founders especially after the 10x event


this “challenge” shouldn´t even exist in the first place. That´s not a challenge but a tedious process of grinding. I don´t care how people finish that.

And if peoples “experience” of the game is diminished by that, i can only say that this “experience” right now is not even worth having. running in circles for 8 minutes or waiting at the relay for 7 isn´t something extraordinary cool.


Yes, You and you alike are exploiters, and that’s not a positive thing.

8:35 response “I didn’t get any wins calm down”… you know what? Shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine. No. Just No.


So you lost in a PVP vs hunters who use the exploit.

What is your problem with me?
Did I tell them to use that glitch against you?


Well “K” said when I tried to reason with him ingame is “I don’t care about those players”


You’re abusing glitch mechanic in MULTIPLAYER game…


Did you even read the whole thread?

I stated there that we’re just doing this in coop vs ai to at least help those nonfounder to achieve the event goal. And also with buggy mm, me and a friend always getting queued 2hunter+2ai hunter. So I don’t think that we’re abusing the glitch just to gain advantage against others.
We don’t use this on pvp, we are not that kind of person.