So unbalanced


Great job turtle rock you somehow made the game so terribly unbalanced as possible this game was fine when i bought it… now I’m done with it.


Care to elaborate rather than just declare you’re done?

It would help them make the game better if you actually expressed your problems with it and possibly suggestions to fix it rather than just saying there is.

Kinda like walking into the Hospital and yelling “I AM HURT!” at the loudest possible volume and then walking out; they can’t help you if you don’t let them let alone not telling them what’s wrong.


Most of the forums doesn’t care - they’re going to sit behind TRS who now cares more about a casual F2P playerbase than their competitive players who spent money on the game.


Remember, it still is in beta stage. There’s gonna be problems.


You still haven’t said anything what you don’t like. Quit with the temper tantrums.


I think competitiveness doesn’t correlate with how much money spent on a game.
A person can be competitive in a Free to play game , winning tournaments eg DOTA 2, where else a player who spent 1000dollar for a game every month just to relax after his work, some people can be both.

Based on your statement, can i say you are a monster player ?
I rarely see an average monster player in such frustration because most of them have a certain amount of knowledge bout the game mechanics unless you are facing some really good co ordinated teams in ranked ?

Mind sharing ? :sunglasses:


unless your solely playing behemoth or something i don’t see a reason to bitch as a monster =/


They just patched the game today. Please go troll another forum.


On the contrary many of us who frequent these boards are more than happy to offer advice and help to improve at the game and while we defend the game itself we are fully aware of the random stupidity that can occur and cost you the game against a bad monster or an uncoordinated hunter team. I understand this game can bring about a level of frustration rarely seen. My advice to you, for that in particular, is to take a break from the game for a day or two, think about why you were getting upset, what was happening to put you in the situation that was making you upset, and how can you get around that situation while still achieving the end result you desired. We can’t help you unless you help us help you


To the Topic of unbalance. Lets take a look at the today nerfed Wraith. 2 longer Cooldown on the Decoy and Supernova… wow and some HP is gone… Wow. Much nerf. The community was speakin out of the DECOY DMG. This wont be any lower just because you but the cd 2 secs up, 2 secs btw. a joke. Dunno what TRS is trying to do. All these Wraith spammer will just frustrate the Community, like back in the days when you released Evolve the first time. But you won’t learn from that. And what is about Goliath? Why the fuck he can’t climb while fire breathing, makes no sense. Why you removed the leapsmash rockthrow combo, was the only hope for Goliath. And now let us talk about the general casual Gameplay now. I can’t find any Plants. Wildlife dies like after 1 shot from my weapon as Hunter (wow). Shear is absolutly no scary place anymore. Not even the Monsters are scary, maybe just Gorgon and Wraith, but thats because they need some balance rework. Now im back again and all i see is you doing all the same shit again. Haven’t you learned TRS? FeelsBadMan
sry for my bad englando, but i think you got my point


They are also working on a change to how cooldown works, so that the ability doesn’t start recharging as soon as it’s cast. This should help with the spam.


Stell need to lower the Decoy dmg or am I wrong? The few Games i played with Wraith was just lol. Played with Decoy lvl 1 warpblast 3 and abduction 3 on Stage 2.
Decoy into Abduction (hold the Hunter while the Decoy reks him) and then the warp blast to finish it off. In my opinion a easy combo, everyone can land because the Abduction is fair enough with the Hitbox.
Just can’t be that the decoy is pulling off 14k+ dmg. Supernova and Warpblast dealing enough dmg. Decoy should be for defense purpose and not for stupid rekkin purpose.


Like other damaging monster abilities, you need to position and dodge the decoy damage



I know… but all the newbies dont know it. And back in the days when Evolve “Stage 1” was released, there was the same problem with Wraith. And new players were just to frustrated. Making the Game more casualfriendly while Wraith being like this… ok good.


When did you buy it?