So umm... why is no one streaming anymore?

I know there are sometimes few streamers, but its getting worse and worse day to day…

f.e. Recent photo taken from Twitch

People are still streaming. I watch stealth shampoo a lot.

Are they streaming also now? Maybe only my Twitch app is bugged

They might also be migrating to YouTube. Even though I tried to stream Evolve through Twitch, I didn’t find it too practical because of my network’s constraints. I find pre-recording and uploading to YouTube much easier for me.

I know it’s worked for my Release the Kraken video series:

I stream every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at the minimum. I also have a YT channel. Right now I’m more involved with coaching a tournament team than actual playing, but I have several hundred videos on my YT channel.

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GiantChiprel still streams a lot, he has a schedule on his twitch as to when he streams. But eventually the game will get a little repetitive especially for streamers who play more than most. You cant expect them to only stream evolve all the time.

Edit: in fact GiantChiprel has a stream that should be starting within half an hour or so.

Huh. It’s looking alright on my side. Both the app and the site show plenty of channels running right now. I also stream sporadically and there’s my YouTube channel as well.

Chip’s online right now. 136 viewers as I see it.

I stream whenever I play, which is most days

I try to stream to when i can :slight_smile: altough it is les then when my cap card was still working… I need a new one…

I couldn’t get into doing streams, or watching them. I just play the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

chiprel is the only real evolve streamer…

i mean for like 16 hours a day its only console only…

btw madcow i rly love the coaching vids keep them up pls :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been lazy and just not turning on my stream. Maybe that is because nobody watches :smile:

But I will toss it on this week and weekend for you though!

Id stream if I didnt suck like a vacuum cleaner :laughing:

Some people like people that can suck like a vacuum cleaner. :laughing:

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Glad you enjoy them. I coach Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. I will eventually be doing coaching with the community on Friday or Wednesday I’m thinking. Not too sure yet. Thursday is also my day off so I play other games besides Evolve. I did a few sunless seas and FTL games. I’m tempted to do a run through of Advent Rising because it was on sale on steam for only 2 dollars!


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He said it… Not me. I just pointed it out. ^.^


That could be taken in a direction that doesnt seem correct :see_no_evil:

Watch what you say Quirkly. You might make a few too many friends. ^.^