So, uh...this just happened :s (Dual Monster Bug)


Edit: i added the monsters POV below, it was just recently uploaded.

It was all going well until the spectator joined as the game was starting, then…chaos ensued!

Luckily i record everything i play, i thought you guys might want to see it, seeing as it is completely and utterly hilarious.
Just when i thought i’d seen everything the game had to offer…

You people that wanted multiple monsters in a game? seems you got your wish!

The Monster, Killerthree recently got around to uploading his own perspective, showing off the bug some more
The audio quality isn’t ideal, as he wasn’t prepared to record, the bug was totally unexpected, and he doesn’t record regularly.

Here it is:


Ahhh this bug’s back. Had this happen months ago with two goliaths. It was hilarious.


Two Gorgon’s what a nightmare, great job snagging some footage. :slight_smile:


The monsters…


I can feel them…

The End!

It’s Near!!!


Double trouble??


indeed. if we weren’t in a group it would have been over for the hunters in seconds!

Even though the fake monster has to control his camera like spectator mode, rofl.


They were communicating!

BEST BUG EVER! Wish I would run into it one day.


Lol just think of the gameplay for a sec
One monster focuses medic while the other focuses support. :neutral_face:


I get the feeling it would be really hard to reproduce. i think it has to do with the spectator joining at a specific point of time. while the game is setting up. that’s the only thing we did differently.


Two Gorgons ? What a wonderful dream for me O.O

finally some1 got this is in a friendly Match :stuck_out_tongue:

that Monster fight was awesome xDD


Yeah this bug has happened in the past. Apparently they can’t pin point what it exactly is but is really rare and I would love to play a game with this XD

(changed the topic to bugs)


So beautiful…


I would love for this bug to happen to me again the first time it happen was during a tournament XD 2 kraken’s raining death from above on the chase comp a true thing of beauty that was.Even thought the other kraken almost died due to that.


I think we all want this bug to be a thing…a game mode kinda thing…:slight_smile:


If im correct, there’s a documented method of reproducing this bug that a few people here on the forums know.


"Is there 2 monsters in here?"
Famous last words.

I seriously would love a game mode with 2 monsters and maybe 8 hunters to screw around with in customs only. Who wouldn’t enjoy fighting two monsters?


I would love a co-op mode for monsters so much


Yup. Pretty easy to accomplish too.


Too bad the false monster’s body didn’t stay on the ground. You all could have had a really sweet Kodak moment.

Edit: Does anyone ever say Kodak moment anymore?
I’m so old.


Those disposable cameras are still good for being made into cattle prods and using them on your friends. My friends and I used to do that when we were younger.