...So uh. Someone might've figured out how to make a warp field (UPDATED!)


…No rhymes here. This just blew my mind. Check this article out…


Holy, since when does luck factor into this ?


Considering it was a byproduct of a technology that, at the time it was introduced, was -accused of being impossible-?

…Somethings really epic about this.


Hype Perhaps ?


It’ll be nice to see this “possible” discovery pan out into something that spurs on the space agencies around the globe.


I saw this skeptical though


They have all kinds of things saying this is just a HUGE maybe, but still possible. I’m just hoping that they are onto something big. In all reality this could jst be nothing.


Theyve been talking about this for a pretty good while and the generalized explanation for how it works is pretty badass


They had plans for a warp ship and their idea on how to make it work was displacement of space, to compress EVERYTHING in front of it and expand everything behind, then replace it all with the ship on the other side of the compressed area, u seen interstellar?


I think the field in question is less about the drive itself, and more something that can stabalize everything within it, and keep it relatively in the same place in relation to everything else in the bubble…


Ooooh, keep me posted. It is my long time dream to go into space! Space travel HYPE!!! Sign me up for the federation, I dont much care what I do, I will even be a janitor :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t get your hopes up people it still needs to be tested in a vacuum with proper controls. If the laser still bends space in said vacuum then we might have some reason to go ape shit but until that happens I’m going to remain a fair healthy amount of skeptical.


Until then, im gonna rally the scifi nerds.


Nothing like this has been possible before though!

I’d say this is -exactly- the time to get our hopes up! XD


This isn’t related to the caldrons that can create black holes is it?


NASA possibly discovered warp fields? Better cut funding, we need more drones!


Wow… okay.

I should call someone who fucked up mathematics. But if this proves to be right, then fuck me, we have ourselves a warp drive basically two steps away.


I highly doubt it. I’m far more inclined to assume somebody screwed up, yes.

But if this isn’t a screw-up…We have a fucking warp drive. :smiley: This is awesome.


So, I just started reading, and this scare me:

I’m no expert, bou can’t just create energy. Sure, it could be crazy efficient, but you have to pull the energy from somewhere, be it cosmic energy or other invisible energy that only a comic book would have thought off.
I don’t care how many years they have spent in school and how many awards they got, I will never accept “free” energy.

If they finish the project without being able to tell where the energy is coming from, I would not stand 2000 miles near that thing. They don’t know where the energy is pulled from and they don’t know what it is pulled from. Imagine it pulled energy from matter. In vacuum it could resort into feeding on the crew or its own hull. Yeah, it’s not likely, but how likely is a warp field again?

Edit: The article is a bit unclear. From what I understand it’s the fact the machine create lasers that go faster than the speed of light that is the strange part. The article do not seem to mention infinite energy outside the quoted paragraph.
Moving faster than light is easier to swallow than infinite energy, well, atleast for me.


I hope the test works out for them. It’s about time we go out and strip the galaxy from all of its resources. We haven’t even battled a single alien race yet? What’s up with that?