So uh... Portal


So uh… I didn’t know this game existed… O_O

But I really want it after watching one episode of a playthrough.

How did I not know about this game… Would you guys reccomend it? I just listend to (GLaDos?) singing in the credits… and it was awesome :heartpulse:



Yes! Yes, go get it! Stop what you’re doing it, get the first one, get the second one, and play them!


Exactly what @mortalbound said.


Go go go go go! Off the forums, close the window, go to steam or a store or something buy it and play it! Move move move move move!


Wait. Got to listen to GLaDos sing one more time… :blush: :blue_heart:


I would 100% recommend Portal, one of my favourite puzzle games of all time. Haven’t played the second one though so I guess I should get it some time soon? :smile:


Play it and make sure you don’t read any spoilers.

Not a spoiler, but a vague hint. Read on your own risk:

Something will happen, when that happen, tell us what you did. I need to know!

The second one is awesome. Even the plot. Especially the plot. Just, be prepared to have your heart broken.
Somewhat a spoiler:

Your heart will break more than once.


Thanks Guys! Will definitely get it ASAP! :bucket_salute: You guys are the best! :kissing_heart:

EDIT : will get them ASAP! (Portal and Portal 2)


I recommend
Get that game


Both games are really really good. What are you waiting for? Go play them! :smiley:


You’ll get cake when you finish! :wink:


The best is go here.

Then go to reviews and read the only negative review of the game. It’s great.


GLaDOS would approve that review.


Best review ever, didn’t expect that. :laughing:


Yup, I saw it and thought it was awesome.


That’s good xD


Just a question, don’t spoil any stuff for me. Is their opportunity (from first and second games) for a sequel/prequel? Or no?


There was a portal 2, so definitely a sequel. However, the second game more or less closes the portal franchise. I’m sure there ‘could’ be more, but I think it will just tie back into the Half Life universe instead of another portal game.


I bought both Portal 1 and 2. Amazing lore. I would choose Portal 3 over HL3 any day


I’ve never played the Half-Life games, nor do I know A SINGLE THING ABOUT THEM… Are they related to Portal in any shape or form? @MaddCow @ToiletWraith @MrTalha @Jedi_Warrior @mortalbound @TheMountainThatRoars @Bot Basically tagged every1 who recommended it.