So uh... Context Corruption?

I was playing a game as Behemoth and after 3 minutes (and shortly after engaging the hunters for the first time) the game stops, boots me, and I proceed to getting a message that only says “Context Corruption”

Has anyone else encountered this? I can confirm that this actually gives you a loss, which is pretty unfair in my eyes. Instead of 10/0 I am 9/1, of course, I am not mad with rage but I was pretty much cheated out of a potential win.

I am on XBone, btw.

Yep its common with different glicthes and the stats is unfair. In my 10 games 3 had gamebraking glitches. 1 thats counted as a loss for som retarded reason.

I dident have any warp blast freeze do with the wraith. Maiby they have fixed that?