So uh, anyone's else's steam copy of evolve inexplicably updating?


It’s suddenly downloading 26.2 GB out of nowhere. And it’s not currently installed, either.

Preload evolve

UHhh…come again?
Mine is not installed and does not update.

Are you talking about either press release version or the beta? Could you be a bit more specific? ;O


I imagine that’s our preload.

Welp, no turning back now. Time to get ready.


Retail version isn’t updating for me. I think OP is talking about either press or Beta build.


It’s retail.



Although yeah, it would make sense it is related to Pre-load preperations.



no fair.


Strange, is that what happens when you get a press release copy?
Or maybe it’s pre-load but region specific?

I honestly have no clue, because it is doing nothing of the sort for me.


My Steam is now downloading something, but there’s no game listed. My Download page just shows network traffic, nothing else. 1.3GB so far.



3 people on steam forums reporting downloads as well.

I am not worried, game doesn’t come out for like 4 days regardless. Fibre op means pre-loading saves me like an hour tops lol.


The monster expansion pack-rocky showed up on my steam today


Well i suddenly noticed i have the “rocky” DLC monster lol


I used the Resource Manager in Task Manager to track my file I/O and Steam is writing to 273351_depotcache_3.csd. Guess what game has that ID? Evolve retail.

Very bizarre that it isn’t showing up properly in the Downloads section, and my friend isn’t getting anything. Might take a while to activate on everyones’ accounts or something.


Would be nice to get some official clarification as to what the duck is going on lol.


Oh hey, you play Minimum too?

Back on topic, nothing but static here. The wait is killing me.


Woah woah, that resolution ;_;
Such nostalgia


“Rocky” DLC monster. Sounds like it might be early files for Behemoth? Sounds like an early name for the monster or part of it’s files.


Maybe its them giving early access to anyone who preordered the monster race edition… amiright?


No that is not it. I have Monster Race Edition and it is not updating for me lol.

God if only, that would be awesome, I want to play so flipping badly.


It’s… possible?

Rocky isn’t ready yet, it’s just confusing given valve’s odd addon to the page.