So TRS, why are you nerfing the monsters into oblivion?


Ok I haven’t been able to play Evolve for quite some time since my PC is in the shop and I’m on my mobile right now, but I read the latest patch and you nerfed the monsters even more with the melee stamina. I seriously don’t get it. Are you trying to make the monsters useless? Because I thought some of the nerfs last patch were kinda not needed, but now I see even more monster nerfs! Am I gonna be coming onto Evolve after waiting for the longest time to only discover monsters being useless for pro monster players and easy to kill for nooby hunter players? Like dang man ;-;


Can you show me this? I haven’t seen the melee stamina thing.


It’s in the latest patch notes broski. I’m just scared that soon the monsters won’t be monsters anymore, but just oversized targets for hunters to kill easily and mercilessly


This doesn’t bode well, my wraith needs to put in that damage with her melee. Without it id be screwed.


If I remember correctly, this change was to prevent infinite stumble on the hunters. For instance, Behemoth or Goliath chaining in heavy attacks with abilities, causing the hunters to keep rolling around and not get a chance to recover. I’m pretty sure @MacMan talked about this somewhere, if he could confirm. I might be thinking about something else, but I thought this was talked about previously.


Oh if that’s what it is I then I’m good. But I’ve versed many awesome teams and they proved to me that the game was balanced for the most part (excluding Kraken) for the hunters to be coordinated, and to work well together to take down a skilled monster. I’m scared that the way it’s going that soon no matter how skilled the monster player is, even if he verses and equally skilled or less skilled team, he’ll always be at a huge disadvantage because the game will soon be hugely hunter favored


Ok that’s fine, that needed to happen I’ve been caught in that chain a lot (Done it as well)


Chains are kinda OP just pin them and combo them into a pile of whatever you could describe it as


Found it :stuck_out_tongue:


The only monster that is bad is wraith.
goliaths balanced
behemoths slightly weak
krakens gamebreaking


Wraith isn’t bad, she just needs some tweaking.
Goliath is solid as always.
Behemoth again needs some tweaks, but not bad.
I still fail to see how Kraken is gamebreaking.


Hes not. People just love to complain when they lose their winning streak


Pretty sure I saw a static somewhere and it said that monsters where winning like 54% of the time so they’re trying to get it closer to 50% again. Could be wrong though.


Found it, the last two weeks (for lvl 30+ and no bots) monsters have been winning a lot more


Had you asked me 1 week ago if I thought this was the proper target (50/50 split of monster/hunter victories) I would have said “of course”.

Now, I don’t think so.

75% monster win rate (ahem, Kraken) is obviously broken

60% monster win rate is probably objectively unbalanced, but difficult to actually detect in game. Keep in mind that human minds are exceptionally well suited at externalizing their failures (“my teammates sucked”, “monster is OP”) and internalizing their successes (“we won because I was awesome that round!”).

55% monster win rate is probably undetectable without TRS sharing telemetry (a practice which I applaud, btw)

50% monster win rate means TRS has balanced too much in favor of uncoordinated PUG teams

And trust me, I do get salty/frustrated in PUG games when people play badly. And I have felt before like it’s unfair that hunters can be derailed by one bad teammate while the monster player has to coordinate with nobody but his own mind.

But actually getting my wish granted during those salty moments? That’d be bad because it would mean monster has been nerfed too much.

The conundrum: PUG teams should lose against good monsters. It’s not fun to pay for a game and lose more than seems “right” and/or for reasons that you can’t control.


Excellent post (toolbear)! I have one thing to say though. If the telemetry numbers are coming from high end games with no bots, then the win/loss rate should be right around 50%. If the only thing making a game “high end” is that its all level 40’s with no bots, but you still have pugs and wack players, then yea 54% win rate for monster is probably right on.