So top monster players are running simulator instructors?


Whenever I encounter any top monster player, I always expect the best man-up fight. But seems most of all top monster player is just a coward, running around, not even fight back a little. So lame. If you run when you have no armor, yes it makes sense. But with full armor? You kiddin me?


Well it depends on team comp, i dont dare fight a T4 team at stage 2, i always melt too fast, gotta be at full strength to mess with that shiz


I’m rather fond of the idea of buffing stage 1 and 2 monster (damage maybe?) and nerfing stage 3 to reduce the amount of running and increase the amount of engagements. Makes sense when you think about it - if you’re gonna only win 50% of the time at stage 3, you’ll probably want to take advantage of your stronger stage 1 and 2 to get some strikes to increase that percentage, and that means more engagement.


of course they will be cowards…

4 ppl with lots of guns are going after them…


I try to finish my games stage 2 and only evolve stage 3 if things go horribly wrong.


If you have Torvald, Sunny, Abe and Caira, I refuse to fight you at Stage One, or at Stage Two without full armor. Not happening.


I don’t understand why people get mad about this kind of thing and label them “cowards”. Why the hell should a monster have to fight just to satisfy you? Some might prefer to fight early, some might favor more conservative approaches, and they shouldn’t make that choice based on what is more fun for you to fight against.


To be honest. I dont care if i will win or lose. I just want to play the “game” not running around for 15 min and fight for 5 min. Or they can increase monster’s stanima bar to 5 gauge while walking /climbing consumes little stamina over time. If stamina bar drained out, monster will walk/climb slower.Then we can actually can play a game. If you ask me am I mad? Yes i am, but im not mad because i win or lose. Im mad because im sick of running around.


cuz its boring and annoying.

u cant tell me



and then those ppl cryed about markovs mines at the relay


Top players play dominant strategies. That is why they are the best. The winning strategy is to run,run,run unless something favorable happens


What is your definition of a top monster player


I played few games with some top rank monster. They kill us in 10 min. Even though i lost but i had fun. They know the area and lured us to the spot. They got some movement/dodging skillsand other techniques to dominate hunters. These are my definition of top monster player. They know how to fight, not how to run like anybody else.


Theres always variables to when us monsters want to engage, for example, if you have Laz and Parnell, im gonna rush S3.
You have 0 camping capability so itll put you at a disadvantage.
However, if you have Val and Markov on your team, ill rush S2, draw you where i want you, then tear you to shreds.
Thats just 2 examples, theres a lot more, but itd take too long.


(being top 50 Kraken XboxOne, though this really means crap xp skill only counts) Ill fight stage one all day, unless I can tell you’re not randoms and you can play well together.

You would be stupid not to run and stage up first when fighting a very good team. (for instance if they’re in a party together, mics, all level 40s, all elites, ect.) At a particular level of skill that some hunters have, you don’t have the chance to just run the whole game, you fight and run at the same time.

If they know what they’re doing, they should be on your Arse all game, barely giving you but a few seconds to stage up before they are on you again. (these are the signs of a good hunter team that will not be killed by a stage one.


Exactly this. If you have Hank and Caira I’m going to take you apart slowly and methodically. If you have Cabot and Parnell, hell no. I’m going to brutally put one of you down and move on.

Know thine enemy, children, as ye know thyself.


As much as I understand you frustration but you may not understand the whole concept of the game. It’s a hide and seek approach if you wanna take this out by saying that the monster has to fight the hunters you are basically asking to remove the core element of the game. It’s the job of the hunters to track and trap the monster.
So you blame the monster for running away but you would better look at the hunter team you in and ask why are you not able to find and dome the monster because that’s your job?


I never understood this mentality.

You want to go toe to toe as soon as you find me?

Fine, but if you don’t want me to protect my HP (Which starts by protecting your armor) then you don’t fucking use that ultimate coward deus ex machina dropship bullshit!

You die, stay dead!

Can’t tell you how many games end with some little hunter running away like a bitch. Don’t complain about the monster running if you ain’t gonna have the balls to stand up to him!

That said, I kill many teams in stage 1, so I’m probably not your target audience for this.


I don’t fight stage 1 unless I have to. If I see your team is uncoordinated, I’ll armor up and come in guns blazing at stage 2. Sometimes I’ll even kill 2 hunters, down the third, and just leave. Letting the 4th go revive his buddy and let them wait for the drop ship while I go hit stage 3, and come back to see if they learned anything lol.


I typically kill the trapper S1 these days (three point RT, LS). Then I kill almost everybody else S2. If I fail to clinch it and my health is low, I go S3 and end it. Otherwise, the stage 2 beatings continue until they’re all dead.


Ive been running into lots of solo trappers more and more thanks to Sunny’s jetpack booster. So yeah, Poor trappers. Lol