So tired of the dlc fighting


I’m so tired of reading all this hate certain ppl are having over this dlc and number of monsters at release bottom line guys it’s there game not yours what they want to do with there game they’ll do if you want the game get it if you don’t don’t stop crying and bitching about it I know Mac man and the others are prolly tired of seeing you hate on there baby!!


Longest sentence ever


While I do agree with your stance (with a little more respect!) on those who are willing to push DLC away and miss out on what Turtle Rock are doing for their fans and community, I really don’t think a thread on it’s own with that post would do much justice here! I apologise, I think that sort of post would be better off in one of the other threads we already have about DLC here! What do you think, friend? :wink:


Most everyone here thinks the game looks promising and are excited to see the game released. If they voice concern or dislike about one aspect of the game, it doesn’t mean they’re crying, bitching or spewing hate. Liking a game, and supporting a game does not mean hiding any faults you might see with the game. If you go to your favorite restaurant and you have a meal and a dish tastes too salty and you don’t tell them, maybe you personally have no problem with a dish that is a little salty, then more customers are likely to experience that over seasoned dish and you did far more harm by not bringing it up then you would if you politely pointed out the problem.

Also, saying its their game, we shouldn’t bitch is pretty faulty reasoning. Its like when athletes are pissed at the fans that buy tickets and make their job possible. If fans think an athlete’s behavior is unacceptable, they have every reason to voice that opinion.

Finally, I haven’t seen any highly disrespectful posts about DLC yet. There have probably seen several that i would say lacked tact. But this is the internet, that is impossible to avoid. I’m sure seasoned devs have developed a skin thick enough for a that.


Slinky guy it was easier to post one thread rather then post this to the other two or three threads going about dlc.
Atavax it the consistency of there complaining that’s bugging me. And when you make this game and put in the time and effort they have I feel like that’s when you can decide what they should have done with this game, but I do know this is a forum ppl are here to voice there opinions and such but when all there doing is constantly complaining about the dlc that gets annoying and old real fast these developers worked hard on this game that they didn’t even have to make they probably don’t like reading all these ppl just hating on there game and people trying to tell them to do it more like LOL


All in all, what makes the outburst frustrating is that it comes almost entirely from miscommunication, false assumptions, and misinformation based on bad past experiences with other companies. The way the gamespot article was written, it inflamed lots of old worries about other games that take advantage of their fan base, and everyone immediately assumed that was turtle rock’s stance.

This is not even remotely the case, but people are too emotional about it to listen. I will say @MacMan is handling it like a champ. It’s not easy to hold a reasonable conversation with people who are determined to antagonize anyone who sees the situation differently. Personally I think Turtle Rock is handling it very well, and making the right decisions. I trust their judgement. I just hope that everyone will calm down about it soon - there has been more aggression about the subject that I like to see.


I will say that I agree that seeing a lot of negativity towards the DLC is getting tiring. It does suck seeing my friend’s creation getting hate. (yes, my friends. Where else will you see someone consider a game studio’s employees their friends?) I really want to see TRS succeed with Evolve. I never played L4D because I’m a Sony gamer, but in my time on here, I feel I’ve all but met face to face with many of the devs on here, and it bums me that they are getting such terrible responses to something that is going to so epic.


The people on these forums are a small percentage of what this community will be (and honestly what already is). People don’t mind DLC, and people hate it… This is an argument that has been going on for years and it won’t stop with Evolve. A few opinions here and there are not going to break this game. This studio has a great track record with L4D and Evolve has been getting great reviews and rewards. The game will do fine.

These people will still play the game, so I personally find it all pointless. Reminds me of when Modern Warfare 2 came out with no dedicated servers and the PC community went crazy… Just to buy the game when it came out anyways.

It has already been announced that if you don’t get the DLC it won’t effect your experience, you can play with that content you just can’t play AS that content.

Honestly people don’t know how much work goes into shipping a game… Sometimes not everything can get in there in time, so you can either deliver a killer game that is clean and not buggy. Or you can deliver something jammed packed with stuff to try to appease every one and some stuff will be buggy, unfinished and unpolished… It is a time issue. DLC allows developers to release polished content later on and have it be quality and top notch. Devs should get paid for this work, it is extra because technically when the game ships they don’t have to support it anymore…

Anyways, I had my opinions but I don’t feel like ranting about it much more. I just agree with OP. Let them make the game and then you can decide what to do about DLC later… Seriously.


Just chucking my opinion in here, but a lot of these whiners are probably the sort of people who’ve come off of Youtube videos and web articles with little knowledge of the game.
It annoys me when I see someone who’s just joined and they have a crack at the devs and the game.
Anyone who actually keeps up with TRS and Evolve should have no problems with the dlc.


We obviously don’t enjoy seeing the negative comments but we’ve been doing this for a while and have developed a pretty thick skin. Every comment (even the obnoxious ones) is a chance to learn something and when we do something wrong, we want to hear about it. Best we can do is absorb it, learn from it, and continue to encourage and support the members of the community who contribute in constructive and positive ways.

Having read over some of those threads, it’s safe to say that most of the complaints are based on misinformation, lack of information, and assumptions based on the way other companies have done DLC.

TRS is a business, so yes, we need to make money to stay afloat. Making DLC has a cost associated with it, so most companies are going to charge for DLC. If they don’t, they lose money, and companies that lose money go out of business.

Being gamers, we’ve tried to approach DLC in a way that WE would feel good about as consumers, and we feel like our current plans do just that.

  • Don’t fracture the community.
  • Don’t introduce pay to win mechanics.
  • Ship a game that is easy to balance, adjust, and expand upon post release.

What ships in the box is what we’ll have done. We’re not holding anything back. We feel we’re putting enough content and fun into the box to justify the price and to give folks hours and hours of enjoyment, even if they never buy our DLC.

Obviously we can’t make everyone happy, but we’ll do our best to do right by you guys because we want Evolve to be a success.

DLC Buyers Anonymous (A DLC FAQ)

Thanks for the response @SlabOMeat

I hope some of the DLC haters can see this and soften their stance a little…


Agreed, but since most of us here are actually supportive of Turtle Rock and their ideal preferences about DLC, we’ll need to bring in the people posting comments in these misinforming articles and videos and go “Oi you, sit down, read this, SHADDAP!”


The people complaining about the game often times are really interested in the game and they want to make sure it won’t repeat the mistakes of other games. So even though it seems like a bad thing that people are raising some criticism to the game, it is actually helpful. You have probably already read how the developers will change the messaging of their game to make sure everyone knows the true reasoning behind their DLC. That would not have happened without someone raising the issue.

The developers are also pretty secure in their product and know/think that it will awesome. I’m sure that helps them get past negative comments. They can take the heat.


Im glad to hear that you have a thick skin. You guys just keep doing what you are doing and it’ll turn out great. The complaining people would complain even if the game was shipped at 50 dollars. People appreciate and see what a great thing you guys are making and the idea that I get to fight or even control a monster of your studios creation is such an awesome idea. Just like at E3 the game is going to shine. Just wanted to show my support and let you know that me and my team of friends plan on buying the game and any dlc that comes out after.


The ones that really irk me are the ones who say “oh, they’re doing DLC, that MUST mean they are trying to milk my money and don’t care about anything else.” Not sure if they realize you guys will be playing right along with everyone else


Seriously, if you can’t spend $5 - $10 bucks to continue supporting a game you love, why even purchase in the first place?

And if the extra cash is an actual issue for you then there’s something called a “job”, get one…
IMO, the developers should pay absolutely zero attention to the complaints and comments regarding the DLC.

For example with borderlands 2, I bought all the DLC on release date because I absolutely loved the game and wanted to support it. I feel like all the people that are complaining are little kids with no source of income and trolls who just want stuff for free. Srsly people, grow up.


(To all the haters am speaking up for you note: I am buying dlc) there are the one’s who are buying the game. They can talk trash all they want and im broed out


I still honestly believe by not making DLC free to some extent you will lose some of your playerbase which is sad and I would never want that to happen. I wish you guys would make a currency system to keep that from happening, and I know I have been saying that a lot yet that’s how I honestly feel.


Some DLC will be free though.

And honestly I don’t see people leaving simply because there’s no “new” content to play for a month or two. They will still get to fight against new monsters or fight new hunters (or fight alongside). They will still have new maps to play. This is a round based MP game, so it needs to be solid in the game mechanics. If it is, people will keep playing it. L4D was pretty light on content and the original only ever had 1 or 2 DLCs, both of which were free but came out long after release.


I know what you mean but just maps won’t be enough to keep people playing. I see it as if there is a way to get a bigger playerbase why not? Sure they can play vs DLC monsters hunters, but they would have much more fun and stay playign longer if they could as well. The current model is not that bad honestly I just think it could be better to keep more people playing.