So this left 4 dead 3 fake trailer got me hyped


The last part was the one that got me really excited. I’m still confused about this video. I’ve heard left 4 dead 3 rumors but… is valve going head to head with back 4 blood?

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I’ve seen it on the Discord of TRS, but it’s obviously a fake trailer.
I have to admit though that the quality is surprisingly great, but it’s a fake nonetheless.


This article states that Valve confirmed it to be fake:

There’s a Life cereal box in there (kinda odd for something “official”) and this didn’t come from anywhere official. It’s really neat, but I wouldn’t believe stuff like this without concrete proof about where it’s coming from.


I knew it was fake when i saw the number “3”

Valve doesnt know how to count that far.


The only thing that people have seen is that the video title starts 20190611, which is June 11th. That is when E3 happens, which alludes to video either being for something at E3, or someone being super troll.

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I saw it on reddit.As others said, it’s fake, but a damn good one at that.


I Know it’s fake.


@Revengercm you need to listen to this song now

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Okay, we established it’s fake, but we can still appreciate how beautifully done it is. There’s so much detail, down to dirty shoeprints at the doorstep. The map makes me want to dive into the world and explore all the markers (fanatic cult zone, anyone)?

That zombie head is definitely the highlight, though.

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