So THIS is why krakens stealth pounce feels nuts


Was doing some testing, I always knew kraken had a ridiculous stealth pounce-

But holy pewp

I didnt expect

For him to be able to snag you from 27’ish meters away (You get repositioned during the pounce, thus why im dragged 9 meters forward in the second shot).

Tested goliath and behemoth as well, their ranges are about 3-4’ish meters shorter (Meteor goliath to be specific, dont know if this makes a difference. Didnt test wraith).

Just thought people might find this interesting.

Protip: During our testing, we actually noticed that due to krakens physical pounce animation, you can actually snag them from FURTHER away if you aim slightly to the right of the hunter youre intending to grab. His animation juts him out at a bit of an angle- Compensating for this added a couple of meters to his pounce range.

Edit for clarification:

I thought this clear, but maybe not. I was explicitly testing the range of krakens pounce (and other monsters) when these screen shots were taken. I didnt simply look back on a random screen shot and go “the hell?..”. We started at ranges of 20 meters, and backed away 1 meter at a time until he could no longer grab me. He could reliably (as in 100% of the time) grab me at 27 meters (And 100% of the time, i got dragged forward about 9 meters), and was unable to grab me at 28 meters.

After we had repeated this process numerous times, I purposefully pinged him, and took a screen shot- With the intent on sharing my finds with people here who might be curious. The second screen shot was to show he COULD grab me from there, and how far it dragged me out of place when he did. People have often complained about krakens pounce range, and how much further than it was compared to the other monsters- I was just confirming this and getting some solid evidence/numbers for people who were curious.

Kraken was the last monster we tested, and I took the screen shots merely because of how surprised I was by the range he was getting vs the other monsters. Thus I dont have pictures of the other monsters, id be glad to update with more results later if people are interested in such a thing.


Smh, that’s insane T_T


Yeh fuck that.


I wish stealth pounces were what they sound like, attacks where you need to actually be undetected to use rather than annoying grabs that force you back to the ground during combat. 27 metres is huge on Kraken :anguished:


You try telling a 20 foot tall monster its not allowed to grab you for “reasons” :wink:


I wish they were just called “pounces” and could be used anytime but couldn’t be spammed. I don’t mind them during combat or well timed against a lone hunter (who could turn off the “stealth” part quite easily by just shooting you if it was a stealth only pounce) but but this is dangerously close to that old “Kraken spamming pounce stops assault from doing damage and slowly kills him” thing.


I wish stealth pounces were what they sound like, attacks where you need to actually be undetected to use rather than annoying grabs that force you back to the ground during combat.


Stealth pounce needs to be, as people have said, stealth exclusive. To make up for this, maybe a buff to damage done while pouncing?


Id like you to explain to me why a 2 story tall monstrosity couldnt grab and hold you down?


Cuz It’s getting its face melted, getting shot at with a laser and being tranquilized at once. :confused:


I think it’s cheesy to use them in combat, but sure, if there’s a lull in battle, why not?

My issue is the fact that you can be firing right at them, and they still get the pounce on you, which pushes you round the corner, so they can get a bit of damage on you for free while the team repositions to be in a place to shoot the monster off.

My other issue being that the range is just insane. Infact, you see in tournaments Kraken players especially using it for extra distance. Almost like Gol’s charge.

Game mechanics don’t compare to real life. If this was a real life game, then what’s to stop the monster ripping everyones heads off so Laz can’t revive their whole body… Just don’t go there :stuck_out_tongue:


Thing is, youre only going to be pounced for a lot of damage if you have no allies there to assist you- In WHICH case you were probably dead anyways. Otherwise it just gets used as a CC ability capable of disorienting the hunters momentarily- A mechanic im completely fine with the monster having considering theyre being melted as theyre imbeded with harpoons, tranqs, stasis fields, repsulor beams , while trying to navigate mine fields, and automated turret fields, as they chase down people blinking in and out of visibility, sporting jetpacks, if they werent being completely thrown across the battlefield, getting mortar strikes called on their heads, spore clouds thrown in their faces, deflection shields going off, shotguns to the face, welding beams locked to their bodies, plasma lances cutting them in two- And one of the pricks is armed with a tool that locks them in an arena with these dbags.

Jokes aside, I see nothing wrong with the game mechanic :stuck_out_tongue:

The RANGE on that mechanic though? Eegads. krakens grabbing someone from 1/4 the way across the dome, literally!


And when this happens the monster cant keep you down :stuck_out_tongue:


And when this is inevitably going to happen the monsters, who are supposed to be intelligent, they would not make themselves vulnerable like this.


I agree with the OP. I don’t think the pounce is a bad mechanic at all. Look at any predator in the wild. They all pounce things and they don’t necessarily have to be stealthing to do it.


People keep saying that it needs to be a “stealth” only pounce but what is stealth in this game and how does the game know what is and isn’t stealth.

Obviously if you sneak up behind them it would be stealth but what about from the sides? What if you are on screen but in a bush so they don’t see you even though you aren on screen. Is that stealth? How would the game know that they don’t see you so you can pounce?


While im against the notion, just for arguments sake- The mechanic of being “in combat” would arguably be an appropriate mechanic to dictate the capability of such a thing.

As far as im concerned.

Did you see the monster grab you, or know it was coming? It just pounced you.
Didnt see it coming or know it was about to happen? Congratulations, it just “stealth” pounced you.

Everyone wins :smiley:


You clearly moved a bit closer to him. In the first picture you are behind the pile of meat in the circle but in the second one you are right next to the pile of meats.
That is normal pounce range dude. You just moved a couple of meters closer so he had enough range. Just wanted to point that out because I don’t want a riot about pounces. Please everyone go look at the pictures and see what I mean!


I keep saying make pounce viable only if the monster hasn’t taken damage for 2-3 secs

in that way its a stealh/sneak pounce as you dont have LOS of monster and cutting a corner blind… not when it is facing you directly … I know u can shoot to interrupt but some hunters like sunny have slow reload where u can get pounced which is lame… just like pulse did in yesterdays invitational pounce at every opp he saw… I don’t blame him but it looked cheap and lame…


He said in the OP that it dragged him there, which I can back him up on that it will in fact drag you backwards. He didn’t move, he got moved.