So this crazy glitch happened to me yesterday, I recorded it!


So i dont know what the hell happened, i join a game late but instead of taking over Maggie they made me a new 2nd assault class that was a combo of Hyde and Parnell. Check out the vid:

My Maggie was always a bit glitchy, i can never lvl up the 2 star harpoon traps, but nothing like this ever happened. Its like i was the Ebonheart soldier guy you get in Evac when the hunter win but no this was just a normal game of hunt.


Yeah, I believe the devs. are aware of this by now. Believe its been mentioned a few times. Happened to me as well. Not only that but the drop ship timer bugged as well. Medic on my team died and the timer started normally but disappeared after five seconds and he dropped down. Monster lost due to this bug.


This is a known glitch. Sometimes people spawn as the EbonStar soldier.

I spawned as an Ebonstar Soldier in Rescue
We are aware of this issue and working on a solution.


ok good to know