So there were some rumours


So, it should be a widely known fact that I totally adore Steam Summer Sales by now. But, as I’ve been going trough available data, it seems that these will begin, drum roll please…

On the 26th May.



Normaly, steam summer sale should begin the 21th of june. like usual. The fist day of summer :P… Normaly. I don’t really know :confused:


it was this last year


Tuesday guys…tune in to the Livestream Tuesday. You’re not gonna wanna miss it.


What time is the live stream? I always seem to miss them, I think it’s because I’m on the west coast.


At an unusual time on Tuesday, 9am pdt.


Is it able to be watched again if I miss it? Do you think the forums will have topics about it? :open_mouth:


There will definitely be at least one topic, and yes, in general twitch streams are archived so you can watch again :slight_smile:


Lol. Already knowing what the announcement is awesome.


Really?? O.o


Yeah. It’s pretty easy to figure it out. I feel kind of bad that someone had to help me out. :disappointed:


What of you’re wrong though?


I’m not. I know that for a fact.


Aw cool. Like, officially or or found out?


Found out. But I’m not the only one who’s found it. Look around. People are revealing it left and right.


Too lazy. I’ll just wait until tuesday


We know one of the announcements, I’m hoping that we might get more than one. But if it is just the on we know of that’s still be cool


I just hope TRS wont dissapoint me ( and other players ) with some crappy announcement…

It would tear my soul apart T_T


I thought this thread was about the steam summer sale. O_o


Topics change, I don’t mind, but we could get back on topic. :smile:

I need to get Life is Strange with a semi-decent discount, else I’ll buy it ful price. Send help.