So the way to fix Lazarus is very simple :


@Devs, add 1.2 second timing on the Lazarus device. Done. Balanced.


but lazarus is fine


Lazarus is fine the way he just camp bodies if he’s in the game


This assumes that Laz needs fixing lol.

Just focus him down and the hunters are screwed. He really isnt that great of a medic


Maybe in a team like yours… I’m talking in good teams.


Lol. There is little the hunters can do if the monster is focused on taking down a specific hunter. I have few problems finding Laz, and sticking to him until he dies. Especially with goliath


But then what do I know versus such a godlike team that you are in

bows down


Camp the trapper’s body as Goliath in front of Cabot helping Assault damaging while Laz is also putting weak spots on your dandy stupid monster face and once you finally manage to eat the body, let’s say, when they take the time to stretch beetween 2 clicks, and… oh… wait a minute… Now you have just enough health left to take care of Laz before you die like a North Korean prisoner.


Very eloquent.
Obviously the monster does not need to stand on the body to camp it. I keep the fight going, just keeping an eye on the body. Even if laz manages a revive, I instantly know where he is and I take him out.

When your argument relies on giving very bad monster examples, you are doing it wrong.


Anyway, this ain’t the issue here, camping a body is dumb anyway. Problem is the Laz device works too quickly and this is very obvious during a fight… You can melee Laz again and again, he just needs QUARTER A SEC to resurrect a teammate, with FULL HEALTHBAR…
Just increase the device’s timing Devs!


I was obviously referring to @Colin_Swan answer Sir… Also, what you say is damn obvious, and doesn’t have anything to do with the Laz device timing.


Yes… but then what? You have spent this time whaling on him, and all he gets is one revived team mate. Whereas another medic can regenerate MUCH more HP value without endangering themselves to melee range.

Laz is a high-risk high-reward medic. Just focus on taking him out and you will do fine.


Just don’t tell one what he will do and how he will.
My opinion is and will remain : Laz is broken…


Since Lazarus is very bad at healing, he basically relies on these revives to make up for his lack of it. I don’t know if you have ever played Lazarus, but it is actually pretty hard to get a revive under an attentive monster, provided he doesn’t light you on fire and focus you down first in a fight.


Not for a GOOD Laz player…


In a GOOD team…


Laz isn’t even a problem because his cloak actually has a decent cooldown timer on it. If he could cloak every 15 seconds then I could see a problem, however I would just kill someone, keep an eye out for him while engaging else where, then when I see him ressurect someone and break his cloak I primary him and take him out for good. That’s even assuming that Laz can survive being primaried at the beginning of the fight anyway. I’ve only played Goliath, and about 5 times so far, crazy thing is I’ve been against Laz 4 times as one lol. They usually seem to take a few hits before deciding to cloak, then I firebreath and finish him…

Vals long range healing gun with a hank giving people a shield is much more rage worthy to me as a monster. Laz is easy to bait out and kill. And of course against a GOOD team, of 4, who are all experienced and have a specific team composition can make things difficult. As it should be. However I’m sure the same rules apply, a Laz player is still going to use that cloak and try to revive at some point or be a worthless medic as a whole.


This, this is why laz is not broken. His revives are basically a few seconds of healing beam, condensed into one burst that can revive a dead hunter. It leaves him very vulnerable, but can really turn the tide.

The very vulnerable part is what balances him


You keep saying this, I’m not sure what you mean.

How does a good laz player avoid taking massive damage if a monster decides to attack him? His cloak, while good, has definite tells that give away his position.


Right, then leave the corpse alone then. Keep an eye on it. Run for Lazarus in the distance to force him to cloak up in order to revive then nab him in the 30 seconds that the cloak is offline. Suddenly, Laz has a strike and the other hunter having full health seems like a non-issue in later fights because damage will stick to them and their revival medic will die much faster.