So the Patch is everyone feeling?


After looking at the notes, there are some pros and cons. How are you guys feeling about them. Things that are good? Things that are bad? Hunters? Monsters? Lets hear it!


You could just read the discussion in the original thread. That’s where I’ve been participating.


finally this game can be fun :blush:


If it wasn’t fun before, it won’t be fun now.


I just wanted to start a new discussion, since the original has gotten so long. Wanted to make one just dedicated to patch notes. Your’re not enjoying the game?


No, I love it. But the game was fun before. If you didn’t enjoy it then, these balance changes won’t fix that.


This. This is true.


Also, here are the patch notes if anyone wants to take a look.

All Monsters

Minor maintenance and improvements
•There is now a cooldown after each stealth pounce
•All monsters can see recent damage on their health bar to help make burst damage visible.


Fixing some flight edge cases that were causing inconsistencies making him too powerful or too weak depending on the situation.
• Tranq Darts, Stasis Grenades and Harpoons pull Kraken down at a consistent rate regardless of whether he is in combat or out of combat. (they used to stack outside of combat)
• Kraken’s flight speed is no longer slowed by Tranqs and Stasis grenades since they pull him to the ground where running speed is affected.
• Aftershock◦Fixed a bug that was causing Aftershock to not break harpoon traps, Arc Mines or Sound Spikes.


Making her movement speed less bursty which makes her easier to keep track of. Making Supernova less lethal while still allowing it to be just as powerful. Making Warp Blast a damage dealer instead of a traversal mechanic.
• Warp Traversal◦Speed reduced 25%

• Supernova◦Duration decreased by 50%

• Decoy ◦Wraith becomes visible for half a second when shot while cloaked.
â—¦Cooldown increased by 2 seconds.

• Warp Blast ◦Speed reduced by 40%.
â—¦Radius levels up now instead of range.
â—¦Max travel distance set to 30 meters for all levels.
â—¦Damage increased by 10%.


Increasing the Trapper’s effectiveness.
• Mobile arena◦Can no longer be heard by the Monster player (equipment sfx and VO callout.) Monster players need to be more aware and see the location of the Hunters rather than just listening for the Mobile Arena audio.


Balancing the Arc Mines a bit.
• Arc Mine ◦Damage reduced by 20%
â—¦Fixed a bug where damage extended past the trigger radius.
â—¦Health reduced by 75% (they pop real easy now with flame breath, etc.)
â—¦Arm time increased by one second.


Making Toxic Grenade a more effective area of denial weapon while also making it less spammy. Buffing Hyde’s overall damage output.
• Toxic Grenade ◦DPS increased by 50%
â—¦Now explodes in proximity to a monster (works vs airborne Kraken now)
â—¦Throw rate reduced
â—¦Toxic cloud lifetime reduced by 15%

• Minigun ◦Accuracy increased by 12%
â—¦Damage increased by 20%

• Multifire Rocket launcher◦Has better accuracy while jumping and jetpacking

• Harpoon Trap◦Arm time increased by one second.

• Sound Spike ◦Detection range increased to 60 meters
â—¦Now detects stealthing monsters within a 15 meter radius

• Guided Missile Launcher◦Damage increased 11%

• Rail Cannon ◦Damage reduced by 30%
â—¦Reload time increased by 25%


Increasing her overall effectiveness. Made her Medgun a bit more bursty. This makes capacity and reload perks useful for Val.
• Medgun ◦Heals 20% faster
â—¦Consumes ammo 2.5x faster.
â—¦Takes 50% more time to recharge.

• Tranquilizer◦Duration increased to 10 seconds on all monsters (was already 10 seconds on Wraith, now other monsters match)

• Acceleration Field◦Cooldown increased by 15 seconds.


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I am not so sure about the combat nerfs to Wraith…

The traversal nerfs and making her easier to dome is 100% needed and I am glad they did it…

But combat wise she felt lackluster until stage 3, now I am worried they might have done too much lol.


I would agree with you about the combat nerfs as well. I felt like the two biggest things that needed to be nerf on the wraith was her ability to escape to easily and the spamming of the decoy, other than that…I didnt see a problem. I guess the nerf to the warp isnt that bad…I guess? The supernova nerf had me like “What!?” I have never had a problem of getting out of that dang bubble.


I definitely think that she’s too weak now. She needed to be reworked but this feels like an outright nerf.


It does sound like it’s nerfed too hard, we’ll see though. Same with Kraken, now everyone can down him like Abe does. It wasn’t so overpowered to be able to float a bit…


I am really interested to see how this plays out, since I am a Kraken player myself. I think it is suppose to be more of a consistent pull down, rather than a rock drop to the ground. But if it almost stops the kraken from stay up during combat phase, we might have a problem haha


I guess a way to counter this would to fly out of range as quickly as possible before you hit the ground.


This is my fear. Though on a second read, it doesn’t say that everything is going to pull him down, it talks about consistency, and not stacking, the latter being a good thing.

Did Tranq Dart pull him down before? I’m a Kraken player, hadn’t noticed it before.


Glad people are making new threads, because the Telemetry thread is too long and the patch notes are buried in the middle of it.


Not sure if Val changes are actually a buff or not, I’ll have to see it in action.


Don’t agree with the mine nerf. At all. Because reasons:

-All monsters have ability to clear mines. Multiple times.
-Markov has an animation to throw each mine down, and then they take several seconds to arm, which means you already can’t spam them.
-If you are laying mines during combat, you are not using the lightning gun, so it’s a trade-off.
-The mines are area specific so a monster can just traverse away, laying out mines during combat is very tricky.
-Markov already does less damage than the other assaults, the mines were how he made up for that.

Why would anyone use Markov if they make mines ineffective?


Already too long to reload his rail gun, and they already nerfed the crap out of dusting. So his damage amp is now the biggest reason to use him. Not sure if it’s enough.


A-field already took a long time to cool down, not sure how people were spamming it in the first place. Reload speed is going to affect it after the patch (it doesn’t now) so may not be that big of a change, though.


Sure. That’s the usual MO with flight, in any case. My worry is how less sense it will make in combat. I mean, it’s not like before you could hang in the air forever. Now everyone is like Abe. I’m not liking it.


wraith was nerfed to hell. nothing else needed to be changed but traversal.
where was it that anyone had a problem with warp power? and reduced supernova time? the f?
and half a second visibility when shot while cloaked? put a target on her back for all automatic weapons which is majority, she’ll be dead in seconds with her already low armor and health. all these nerfs and minimal buffs. atleast have increased her health and armor. shes already weaker then weak at stage 1 and 2 and with the proposed changes forget about it. i know these arent set in stone but damn if they make the cut wraith will never be used at all, will be an instant loss monster. congrats on making only 2 monsters viable now if the changes push through. cant wait to see the stream Q&A after the “balance” changes.

edit: and they didnt even bother to do anything with goliath.


I think the patch is pretty much great. It more or less treats all the big issues in terms of balance. Now they just gotta fix the " Trapper bugging out of the dome " shenanigans and we’re all set.

Oh, and I do adore the wraith players whining. What’s the matter, upset that you actually have to try now? :kissing_heart: