So The Forums Exploded


Anyone have a chart of the forums activity? I’d like to see the amount of users from before the big alpha was announced to now.


he only people with those kinds of metrics are most likely TRS devs and are probably working their butts of collecting data, analyzing, fanning servers etc… :stuck_out_tongue:


True… Ill ask again after the alpha ends by then they should be done recording data


Seeing a lot of new faces…hope they stick around after Sunday!


As something who tries to read every post, my 300 notifications today is pretty daunting. Especially when it is just a few hours after launch…


Especially when 2/3s are asking/giving away codes. I tried to get a single thread for each platform and whether you are giving or wanting codes to consolidate the lists some. But I don’t think it worked :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep! With all those newbie avatars! :stuck_out_tongue:


I gave up, keep seeing red tags everywhere…can’t keep up!


And tomorrow we will have at least 2x the amount of posts!


I’ve switched full time to Steam forums. Lots of newbies there :stuck_out_tongue:


Ugh, steam forums are just awful these days. Every game I go to is full of “BLAH BLAH REFUND/RIPOFF/SCAM” or w/e. No meaningful discussion of the game taking place. Was true for Shadows of Mordor, Borderlands TPS, and the new Civilization.

Already see those threads everywhere in the Evolve steam forum too. It’s just a place for the anti-DLC and anti-preorder crusaders to go.


I’ve actually called @DamJess for help at the Steam forums! :stuck_out_tongue:


554 new members this month. 175 so far today


Good luck to the mods trying to clean this mess up…
…So… many…


yeah most of what iv seen is ADD ME TO GROUP. iv been click sweeping…almost like a mini game lol. aint reading any of it. the nooblord posts are funny tho. I try not to be mean but some are just…sigh.

it does give me a preview of february. in which ill proly stay off these forums for awhile. cuz it will happen. probably ten times worse. heck, its gonna be ten times worse tomorro!!


I really don’t envy the mods having to deal with all this, specially when the alphas going on


Whistle Wow


175 members today!? Woah! It’s good to have some fresh faces though!

hahaha! I come home from an extra long day to find 70 new topics. Very much reading to be had in the near future.


I tried to help a bit over at the Steam forums but without mod abilities I couldn’t pin anything of value so I got buried…not that I am asking for mod abilities over there though! It’s a madhouse. I tried to respond to several of the topics but again…everything just went so fast down the list nobody saw it. Luckily though now there are more pinned topics so it’s starting to calm down some…until tomorrow.


We do what we can, yeah? Every bit of help counts! I’ve been responding where I can, and if there is a repetitive thread, I’ll link it to the relative topic. Just consider the flood of activity a compliment - people are really excited to be here!