So tell me how Aftershock isn't broken/OP?



Haha that isn’t OP that’s awesome


That seemed pretty fair to me. Support tried to hide, got caught and Kraken killed him.


It would have been pretty apparent from the supports perspective that he was about to be aftershocked if he was paying attention.


Is it supposed to go through the floor?


Looks like a legitimate game to me. At least Aftershock works now like it was always supposed to.


Well it does…


It should probably go without saying, but I stage 1 wiped this game. Aftershock is OP, if this doesn’t prove it then I don’t know what can.

A hunter should be safe if the monster isn’t even within sight. So if you think this kill was fair then you’re perpetuating the problem. No ands, ifs or buts about it.


Everyone agrees that Aftershock is OP, those that don’t, well they are wrong.


So you beat a bunch of piss ants at stage one with a stage 3 ability essentially?

An ability that requires 1-2 tops jetpack dodge?

A build that means, the only time you’re doing an real damage is when you use that one ability?

A build that causes you to be vulnerable for a set amount of time after being cast?

Good luck with a competent team, you’ll get butchered soon enough.


I never said I was MLG lol, and I don’t do this against good teams… But either way that’s not the point at all, the video was about Aftershock hitting someone underground.

Good try though


Lmao. “Everyone agrees” ? Yea… No. I don’t agree. And I don’t think they because people disagree with you they’re wrong.


I like it how people were saying aftershock sucks in the beginning, now people are saying it is powerful and OP


“If you don’t agree you’re part of the problem.”

Thanks for the laugh mate.


aftershock is far from OP


Aftershock is rather far from overpowered homey. If Medics can burst heal through walls, Monsters should be able to deal ability damage through walls.


Tbh if I was a hunter and someone did that to me, I wouldn’t even be angry I’d be like damn skills son


Aftershock is absolutely bugged while kraken is in the air and has a movespeed that is far greater than it used to be and should be

That has nothing to do with OP’s video, which is quite silly. That player was dead long before the video began, and kraken could’ve killed him any way he wanted.


This isn’t overpowered, this is a totally normal use of this skill.
In fact. the hunter didn’t do anything to dodge it, outrun the kraken or anything. Seems as if they were acting for the video. But in general, big meh.


It has a large radius. Yeah. It can go through the floor, but if the Support jetpack dodged once, it probably would have missed.