So sunny + crow following a wraith


was anybody actually able to escape with a wraith after this ? im mean jetpack boost and the charged slow just cripple that monster really hard


Yes, i abducted Crow then devoured his face, that made them second guess boosting


im really courius about the devouring face part as the other hunters are not far off and crows slow doesnt let you follow crow except when you use traversals for that


What i did was save up 3 warps, waited for the Crow to boost up to catch me, Triple warp, then i abducted, blasted and supernovad him. Its a tough combo to fight, but they always get really cocky


in everygame i played with crow, the wraith lost so much mobility that the other 3 hunters are faster than her

1 sunny jetpack boost brings you close to 2 warps from the wraith and if the charged slows hit youre kinda out of the game if you store 3 warps torvald destroys you in that window


One thing that works well for me is listening for Crow to fire then zigzagging around so that the charged shot will miss.
Also Warp Blast can gain you decent distance.
Idk though, Sunny+Any trapper (except Maggie) is bound to slow you down like crazy. That booster is pretty stronk.
I suppose just try to break LOS as much as possible, dodge shots if you can, the more traversals you use at once the better, and Warp Blast is a viable escape option.
Thats all i got.


You can allways try break LoS and drop a decoy to slow them down or go for the surprise tactic and turn round and go ham.


Depends if the Sunny is actually good and boosts someone after the Trapper or just thinks “he’ll be fine evading the Wraith on his own for 15 seconds, boost away! And farewell my friend!”.
It’s mostly about breaking line of sight as you run and initiate on him after he turns a corner -> seperate even further with Warp Blast -> get a strike -> escape without problems. The Crow slow is not that bad with Wraith if you can properly manage your traversal + Warp Blast. Eventually you’ll get into a position where you are a sitting duck for a few seconds if misplayed while slowed, out of traversal and wb is on cd. Outside of these situations it’s mostly about getting as much pressure on the Trapper as possible while he is seperated. Even if only for a few seconds.


Sunny can launch trapper halfway across the map. Doming at stage1 just got a lot more common. If I get the birds I transversal away as quickly as possible and start sneaking. If I’m lucky I’ll get stage2 and some armor, then lure hunters near hostile wildlife start the party.

In the event I get domed at stage1 it’s a lot of flying, hiding, and decoying as it’s damn near impossible to incap someone as stage1 with sunny around.


I think a good griffin player is probably worse For running away, though it’s easier to get away once you break LOS, cause of no gobi


With Wraith I fly around in the air, abduct, supernova, strike, warp, strike, land, strike twice. Easy kill.