So R Abe's Matrix means what?


R Abe’s matrix

55% dr (10% less than other assaults)
10 seconds duration
30 seconds cooldown

This 55% dr is feel ambiguous. All assault’s Matrix DR reduced 65% to 55%. then 10% less than other assault = 55% is not make sense.


I think it’s do to his ability to lower the amount of damage the monster does in the first place, but that’s just a speculation.


I am pretty sure it is either a visual bug with the value displays for their shields, or an oversight on the devs behalf while writing up patch notes.


Ignoring whether other assaults have an assault shield value of 65% or 55%, R Abe definitely has a 55% value. I tested it myself


It’s not a bug nor an oversight. Renegade has a weaker shield. Which in my opinion makes him far less viable as an Assault.

If you’re going to make an adaptation jump classes to be an Assault then don’t reprimand them like it’s a bad thing and give them less protections. It’s ridiculous. He has a weaker shield and for what reason? If he’s an Assault give him the same damn protection otherwise just make him a Trapper; there’s no excuse for making it weaker.

@GentlemanSquirl @Insane_521 Mind giving a Developer’s opinion on why you guys thought this would be appropriate?


Even if he did have a 10% weaker shield, it wouldn’t mean shit.

Nobody focuses Assaults. Nobody has the time or the space to focus Assaults. Even 45% DR for 5 seconds basically immunizes him from being bursted, and no monster has the armor or the health to just sit around wailing on an assault and trying to get through his shield and his team’s shields and his team’s heals.

Maybe he might take some more AoE damage in certain specific instances? It’s still a meaningless difference due to the fact that, again, nobody focuses Assaults.


I don’t think it affects his viability too much since the Matrix still makes him pretty tanky, but I agree that his Matrix shouldn’t be worse than that of the others. Or if it is, no more than 5% which is the maximum DR buff he can apply. Not 10% less.


his matrix is worse because quote gentleman squirl "he doesn´t have a power armor"
but… the values are still wrong on either rabe or the other assaults. that´s an oversight.


So R Abe’s Matrix have actually 45% dr, right? TRS must make this clear and stop confusion.


Would the 5% dr grenade be the reason?
The idea might be less dmg for the team, more dmg for the assault.


I couldn’t have said it better myself.