So quick question about buying a hunter

I’m getting the wraith jellyfish skins and I will have6.99 left is that enough with tax for a hunter

you can check in the store. it tells you the exact amount

Yeah you should be able to man! Tax isn’t that much I think.

Which hunter you thinking about?

medic t5 morley t5 support

i got the skin its just sexy

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Currency? If it’s USD/AUD then yes. Hunters were permanently lowered to 5 dollars each.

And then you might still have enough for a single skin as well. :P<G

If you get another wraith skin, the hornet one is my favorite

I saw that the other day and wished I had money

Ya. I get how that is, I’m just sayin’ that was one of the better skins I’ve gotten, my worst decision was jade behemoth

Jade behemoth was actually I good decision for me. I’ve used it to hide on fusion plant in the large bushes. Was quite funny to watch the hunters fly over a giant green boulder monster in a Bush.

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