So pumped for this alpha!


I know everyone has been stressing about getting codes and whatnot and obviously turtle rock is taking care of us with prying 2K and retailers to make sure we get in and even giving us a forum multi use code, but everyone needs to step back take a breath and realize that in one week we get to BE THE MONSTER! The monster I first saw on the cover of game informer last year, the monster I first saw in the evolve gameplay reveal, and the monster I have been stalking for months now. Yes the codes have been stressful but how pumped up is every one to play/shoot this monster game for an entire weekend. Just had a moment and wanted to share… lol


I know that feeling, amigo. This is gonna rule.


I got a single use code pretty early on so I’ve been riding the hype train for the past month or so. It’s been a crazy ride… Just one more week…


I’ve got my preorder code put in and super stoked I plan on being a sneaky monster bashing your face in when you least expect it!!! Or if I feel like team work I’m gonna shoot a harpoon through the monsters heart!!!


I’m ready to play!!! Lol This game has been on my mind since first announced. I’m going to be trying to unlock everything I can. I’m so hyped lol


Yah it will be awesome to unlock and progress and then have a few months before getting to do it all over again unlock destiny where I unlocked everything then a month later felt like a chore to unlock and get back to where I was. The three month between will help that from happening.


will soon find out the answer to how much gaming can one cram into 3 days


Not enough, my friend. Not enough…


I was lucky enough to play in the first alpha… And I have to say, it’s been a rough time since… Now I know what real withdrawals are. xD

Freaking amazing game!


meh, and I love it how playfire dangles a personal key in front of you but actually their system is broke and doesn’t register waht you are playing. I guess it’ll “work” after monday :PO (conveniently :P)


INB4 OP doesn’t get invited to the alpha.