So now we know The Order 1886 is 5 and a half hours long


…I can say all DLC complaints are irrelevant. This game, if you enjoy it, will last a lot longer than five hours regardless of DLC. What about other short games? Mario Kart 8 with 2 modes? Left 4 Dead with four maps? Not bad games, but an indicator that success is not based on quantity as they are well received games.


That’s after he received his first trophy which took awhile. The actual game is like 10-12 hours but the real question is what kind of replay value would it have?


The guy uploaded his entire let’s play to YouTube which took 5 and a half hours.

That includes the unskippable cutscenes.

To be fair he was playing on easy and didn’t scrounge for items. But dying and replaying, and collectibles are just a way to artificially extend a games life.

I don’t see The Order being worth $60 on launch. Gonna be waiting for those reviews.


I don’t have a PS4 anyways just going by what I have heard. :stuck_out_tongue: Can I have a link to the video?


but dem graphics? dem linear scripted shooting sequences? but but but…ya saw this one coming. will still enjoy it though because i understand what they were trying to do. i was hoping for at least 8 hours, so thats probably how long it will take me on harder difficulties im hoping.