So, now that Jess is gone, who will overall "Edit" the Forums?


I’m talking about who will be putting new categories in or being “Head Admin” for the forums.

We still need a Gorgon category.

@Shaners, what’s happening! I’m scared!!!


Shanerino will be in charge. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, I think Shaners is the one who can make those changes now :smile:


wait, @DamJess is gone!?!




I believe @Shaners is our go to for this now.
Just a little more to add to her awesome sauce.


pats and sits you down

Here. A blanket and some hot cocoa.

Just breathe.


first Jparty!
then Jess!

who’s next? Macman?


Haha, I doubt that :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a shame to see Jess go, but it seems she’s going to be doing some travelling and adventuring, so good for her.


hope it’s not to shear!


She’d make Hunters OP in an instant.

To keep on topic, yes, it seems Shane will likely be the go-to person.


Macman’s name doesn’t start with a ‘J’ :slight_smile:


I’m just now knowing this.


I’m hoping she doesn’t burn this place to the ground if she does. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very plausible it will be @Shaners or @mizx


Shaners is probably a safe bet. Her and the mods around here do a damn good job of things!


We lose macman I’m out -_-


Shaners is the new evil mastermind head of community. We did a little transitional meeting the beginning of this month. Jess was and is pretty freaking awesome, and certainly a hard act to follow, but Shaners is also the bomb. She’s gonna be (and really already is) great!


there’s an evil me around here?


Oh hell no. He kept things together back when everyone was losing progress and is a joy to talk to here. I’d actually cry.