So now it takes 18 Meats to reach Stage 2?

What?! I had to read this multiple times to make sure I wasn’t just looking at it wrong but holy hell…

I know three whole meats doesn’t sound like much but damn dude… it’s already hard enough for Monsters as it is and all you did was make it harder? Freaking why?

Why is none of these notes even discussed with us?

Not even a “Hey so we’re going to make the Dome drop in 1 second instead of 5! What do you guys think?” or a “We believe that making it take longer for Monster to reach Stage 2 is a good idea but we want to know what you guys think.”

Like I don’t want to make a massive deal about three extra meats but those three meats (even just one of those extras) could mean the difference between an Evolve before the next Dome or the “Shit! I don’t have any Armor and there’s no food and I can’t Evolve and… oh look… 46 seconds later and I’m in another Dome. Well I guess I should try to- fucking dies

It’s already fucking hell in a competitive scene but now that we have to eat more there’s a good chance that one will be Domed at least twice before they can Evolve or they will be an easy catch because they are forcing themselves to Evolve in a bad spot that isn’t far away from the Hunters.

I don’t know… maybe it’s just me. I’m surprised that I didn’t see other threads talking about this. Maybe nobody else cares…

I guess I’ll see in the posts below. shrugs


This was purely to avoid speed eating getting you to stage 2 in about 1 min or slightly longer just by a few seconds.

Tell me how fair it is for hunters from a gameplay point of view to stop you from doing there very thing they are trying to stop you from doing when they have no time to react basically on an optimal feed route or an experienced speed feeder.

The point being expressed that I can’t stress enough is that a monster should not be able to reach stage 2 in the first minute of the game but in the long run it hardly effects your game as again it is just one more 3 eat to stage up.

I also forgot to mention that with wildlife spawning all at once at the start of the game there is a lot of good routes that provide such a thing as a 1 min evolve so it is a much more common thing and isn’t something the devs want happening.


Maybe for a Speed eater it doesn’t even remotely affect them but for people that like to sneak away and nitpick from here and there it kinda hurts and demotes stealth play.

Not everyone plays the same. Not all Monster Players are “ZOMG! GOTTA EAT FAST!” like a Sonic Monster who’s hungry.

Some try to play sneaky sneaky. Although this gets countered by Hunters who find you freaky fast no matter what the Monster does.

All this change does is make a Stage 2 rushing Monster take just a bit longer while it punishes the sneaky players by a minute or so.

Edit: Now for the most part I guess ALL Monster Players should just play the “Rush to Stage 2 ASAP!” game. Might as well. Stealth is becoming more and more obsolete with Trappers that can see you through walls 24/7. coughGobicoughSatellitecough

And even without Trappers Hunters who play competitively just ping everything until they are 100% sure that the Monster isn’t in that bush. And with all Hunters doing this all over the place it just seems unfair.

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What do you mean it’s hard enough for monsters already? They’ve been getting buffed like crazy for awhile now. Playing field is pretty darn close.

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You done Competitive fights against very good Hunters? The stress meter is off the charts…


I have. You call it stress, I call it a challenge. It’s all relative. Wouldn’t want it to be easy surely?

There’s not a lot of threads about this because TRS announced it was coming ~2 weeks ago.

It has a bigger effect on speed feeders than sneakers. Speed feeders are now almost guaranteed a dome, where before they might have gotten a clean Stage 2. Sneakers just have to play fractionally more carefully.

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Fair enough, old tactics prove ineffective vs certain Hunters. I think that’s a good thing, in a way. It opens the door to new ways to counter the new ways of countering your old strats. If that makes sense.

Jack’s method is ultimately redundant in many cases; if the Monster is that close, you are likely about to chuck the dome regardless, or at least see which way Monster went. It’s a short-range Birdsign, really, and I put as much stock into it as such when I play Jack (That is, the monster WILL NOT be there when I get there, where could he be going from there?)

Crow is a long-time favorite to juke. All kinds of stumped Hunters when that outline fades and you immediately double back, as Crows just love to keep you highlighted, they’ll send him to where they think you are going, instead of covering the possibility of your juke. Mind games with Crow, I love it!

I will agree overall though that Stealth is rather… lacking. What I HOPE to accomplish with Stealth (A safe Stage 2, a baited S1 dome) I CAN accomplish with full-sprint action, bar occasional rare exception. Just don’t see anyone ever making it to Late S2, even S3 without being found anymore, no matter the comp. Folks are learning. Maps are familiar, popular hiding spots and quiet feeding areas are known. If you aren’t here or here, you HAVE to be here, it’s the only other place you could feed w/o proccing birds and there’s no Grub on this map!

Admittedly, I used to love seeing how far I could make it sneaking. Few games here and there where you hit Stage 3 w/o a single encounter. I remember the responses of folks as I played Hunter who were subject to this as well. That roar was always followed by ‘Well, GG, this’ll be rough’ from others, but I can’t recall the last time I had someone make 3 w/o us ever actually finding him first, and that’s with any Trapper in mind, not just Crowbi or Maggie :stuck_out_tongue:

is that on console? Those are some seriously incompetent Hunters.

i do agree with you regarding sneaky players will need more time to stage up, and the next dome might be your doom.

But i think TRS is balancing based on competitive play. We hardly see 24/7 sneaky monster in competitive play even at the beginning of the match. Maybe against certain trappers , you can rush towards one direction (±birds) and sneak towards the other direction after the dropship.

What TRS wanted to prevent is RUSH feeder, which they are able to get to evolve bar within a minute or two, and evolve after the first dome.

Bear in mind, im not saying sneaking isn’t viable, its just harder to pull off in competitive environment because each and every hunter is able to track you down.

One well executed sneak can turn the game around

PC, though I feel my statement was misinterpreted;

I merely said that Hunters find the Monster well before Late S2 or S3, and it is quite rare to see a monster actually make it that far w/o being found :stuck_out_tongue:

At least hunters can try now

Dunno where the problem is. If the Monster just wants to feed up and go stage 2 it should be easy for the hunters to find him. So you just let him evolve what he wants and then you should catched up and dome him on stage 2 with no armor. Who won now? The monster or you? Guess you all know it unless its a kraken crack.

I honestly think you, as monster, won´t even notice it

No I want it to be a challenge like you said but when throughout an entire fight I feel completely helpless as a Stage 3 Wraith that might as well be a Stage 1 and I can’t do anything because Jack is stopping me at every moment and when I do score a hit it’s on a shield and even if I get past that Caira Heals as Jack stops me again and I’m being destroyed by Orbitals and Toxic Flames and crap.

I’m not terrible but my god Wraith has had the most crap done to her that she feels completely different from each update. Now that it takes longer to reach Stage 2 more Stage 1 Running will be involved.

I mean I probably won’t notice it until I’m needing at least one of those extra three meats in a match.

Extreme Salt

Finally, this long needed change made it into the game.

This wouldn’t be such a big issue if wildlife actually spawned normally at the start of the game.

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A lot of times when I do rush for fast feeding I get there before anything has spawned and thus I’ve wasted a bit of time just waiting for food…

I haven’t been having any issues getting to stage 2 but i do play wraith, my only issue is staying in fights when everyone picks bucket. ;-; I just let them chase me while i feed, let them dome me. I mitigate damage then run my butt off when dome goes down and use that time to evvolve.

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It’s been mentioned in the last three streams, and was also mentioned in this forum shortly after the 5.0 release when a dev mistakenly thought it had already been shipped when it wasn’t actually part of the 5.0 build.

It’s been discussed. :wink:

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