So now I have to play Bucket


Buff him. Turrets have pathetic range damage and a setup time. Rockets do absolutely no damage. The UAV is immobile and difficult to control (Wonky is the word I think) and the tag lasts only for a little while making it ignorable at best. Or maybe Im just bad with him. But those are my thoughts on him currently :confused:


I played him almost exclusively in the beta, I think he’s fine. Unless they nerfed him since then…


Are you playing on a console? Might explain why the game is hard to control.
Two turrets do more damage than his rocket launcher, so the launcher is mostly for killing wildlife and shooting when the monster is in range of all 5 turrets.
Bucket is good on his own, but Hank’s shield is just too good to give up. As for the turrets, yeah, their range is a bit short. He is the most fun, tough! Well, trolling the monster as Hank is pretty fun too…


Nope buffed him xD Turret Dmg got buffed and rockets got also buffed (dont remember exactly how I think DMg and/or reload/firerate)


Well damn, then he’s going to be even better. He was amazing before, Goliath is going to feel the sting of my turrets.


Bucket is a freaking god in area denial.
Those turrets shred my wraith like butter in a skillet, and decimate eggs like no other.

The UAV is supposed to not last long, it’s so the monster has time to get away if he’s tagged, or better yet, set up a trap.

And the rockets are just self defense. Bucket is support after all


Playing on the PC and I seriously feel the turrets arent firing at the monster half of the time. Also the UAV is a bit buggy with it not always starting the marking even though im clearly looking at the bugger. All up and down movement during the UAV feels extremely stiff for some reason. Pressing space doesnt make the UAV go up instead it just sits there many times not going anywhere. Am I really the only one suffering from this?


And seeing as you love your “Wraithu chan (is that it?)” and her eggs, that prompts you to get glorious vengeance on the Hunters, does it not? So it only buffs you! Hehehehe…


I think so. I’m tired. I dunno if that’s even anime-illy correct.
The problem is i’m out of practice for Nest, and I’m still learning Wraith.


He’s specialized like that. Against non-wraiths, damage is too low and it’s too easy to target the monster yourself. Against the wraith however…


yeah, i guess bucket is kinda a niche in that regard. But what do i know, i only tried playing monster in my beta time.


Bucket is specced for Area Denial? Well I guess. If the turrets had any range and did enough damage to anything but Wraith. Well I managed to finally unlock my Cabot so thats good atleast. I can finally tag the monster with ease AND deal tons of damage!


With smart turret placement inside of a dome, the turrets shred any monster. At least the way I play Bucket they do. Stay on the outside of the battle, cloak yourself, place your turrets on top of things and in out of the way places that the monster isn’t likely to just bowl over while he’s fighting your friends.

You get them in the right spots and start hammering rockets at a monster, I don’t care what species it is, that sucker is getting torn a new trash chute.


Are people here genuinely saying Bucket’s turrets don’t do damage? WHAT?!

In the beta, where Bucket’s turrets were significantly weaker than now, decent Bucket players with a few games under their belts were getting upwards of 22,000 damage per game, against Goliaths, Krakens, Behemoths, and Wraiths. They will rip through anything with smart placement, the Monster always underestimates them, and to destroy them quickly a Monster needs to waste an ability, after which you can swiftly replace them all. Bucket’s UAV is, admittedly rather clunky. It isn’t smooth or intuitive. It’s…weird. I don’t mind, honestly- perhaps it was designed that way- and it is extremely useful. I’m already salivating over the thought of using it as a Spy-Cam to keep an eye on the Monster and actively follow him without darting till the end.

As for rockets, they’ve been buffed too. They do a decent amount of damage and they’re really fun to use. The laser guided thingy is funny.


Wow. Those numbers seem three times from what Im managing to cause. And I have been playing against bad monsters where the turrets are nearly constantly firing off at them. So either that number is extremely exaggerated or I am just bad. ( Even though the turrets are constantly firing off that is whenever something happens to be in range) Also that damage is not strictly monster damage either. Its most likely from the wildlife. In other words the “Damage” is being caused by turrets left behind that kill random wildlife rather then from the monster itself.


Buckets turrets do a good bit of damage if used right


I honestly think you just need more time with :bucket_salute:

Find the Telemetry thread, his Rocket Launcher does pretty decent damage, and if what someone above said about a buff IS true, well then I can’t wait to play me some :bucket:


I played bucket in the Big Alpha constantly. I loved him then. My complains from then were: his Rocket Launcher damage is extremely low.

After the Beta, my complains for Bucket were: Turrets don’t deal enough damage, the UAV is indeed “wonky”, and you can no longer ping while using it which was my primary function… the Monster was alerted if they were tagged, but if I simply pinged them, AMBUSH AHOY!

I haven’t gotten to play yet, despite release… the people i pre-ordered with (local game store, mom n pop style) open at 10am. it’s currently 7:40am. 2 hours, 20 minutes to go.


This is true, but I believe now your teammates can SEE where your UAV is; and not just on mimi-map. So just use voice to say I see him, head for the UAV! :smile:


occasionally i have a ridiculously bad headache, and my headset does not go well with that… I’ve tried to stop to type it before, but it just ends poorly for everyone except the monster… who escapes to feed more.