So nobody wants to play Monsters?


I feel like nobody wants to play Monsters. Either that or the Role distrbution is really messed up.
Why do I say that?

At first I had a monster as #1 prefered role. Played a few games as a Monster. Then I thought I might switch things up and I put Monster to spot #5 (least prefered role). What happened? I still play most of my games as a Monster.

Little stats from today:
Joined a session, played 8 games with the same people. Each of the other guys was the Monster once, I was the Monster 4 times.
I left the session, joined another one. I was the monster 3 times in a row. Out of 3 games.
All of it with Monster as the Least Prefered Role.


If anyone from the Matchmade players is in a party, their monster role will be locked out. and your odds of being the monster increase. Don’t want to play monster? Make a party.


Mostly playing by yourself?


This is how it should work in theory, but it has happened to our four man party on numerous occasion that some of us were chosen as monster, when one random joined us and yes it’s a bug and it’s really annoying. Or joining a game in progress only to join as losing monster, when you have monster as 5th, now that wouldn’t annoy me if I could just leave and requeue and join other game, but when I queue again I join the same game, again and again and again.


@L1NK wants to be your monster. :smile:


You can be my monster anytime…



monster if my first preferred role and i vastly prefer the monster over the hunters, not saying the hunters aren’t fun i just prefer the monster.


Day one and two, Monster was my #1. I played Monster until I had all three unlocked. Day two and day three I put monster in the #5 slot and put Support as my #1 so that I could unlock all of the characters. I have achieved this, so I just moved my Support to #5 and the monster to #4, with Medic as #1. I intend to continue this pattern until all of the characters have been unlocked. I expect there are also other people doing the same thing. Monster is great to play, but you have to make it a low priority if you want to unlock all of the characters.


A lot of people seem to have this issue. Personally, I get my preferred role in 95% of games. I was playing monster as prio and got it almost every time. I then switched to support and got it almost every time. Same story with medic. After a switch to medic prio I never got any other role(except when I joined a game in progress and took over support).


Never encountered that issue. :B
TRS Will be on it asap, I’m sure.


When playing in a party of 3 (me and 2 friends) things get weird. Matchmaking finds 2 additional players to fill the game (one more hunter and one monster). The first map was fine but the second one I got to play as the monster while my 2 friends and the 2 random people got to play hunters… And at the next map my friend got to play as the monster while I, 1 of my friends and the 2 random people got to play hunters… This is so boring, clearly we want to be hunters and work like a team with each other.

Could it be that the other 2 guys where also in a party? That would make someone in one party have to play as the monster despite that it should not be possible (for obvious reasons like we could just play the monster badly so the hunters got all the benefits and a huge xp boost in the end).


This thread needed more attention. I would be willing to wait longer for games if it meant I got to play the role I preferred. I find the monster role too stressful and I enjoy being the hunters, but since I play alone a lot, I get shafted into monster 3 out of 5 games. I feel bad for leaving in lobby, and I would play monster if it was sporadic enough, but not almost all my games. It’s not where I have fun.


I love play the monster but honestly it’s just annoying to come across with Abe + Cabot. You make detect early, and there is no pleasure to play the monster. The defence mode is too unbalanced for the monster. What it is to win 4 round to lose the last one and the game?