So no Ps4 update?


So Xbox has had the maps for a month PC has got them today and both have recieved the micro patch but ps4 has gotten nothing and no vodoo skin either so? What gives is there any legitimate reason for this? No devs answer so it leads me to believe that they don’t care for their customer base. Outrage and utterly disrespectful.indent preformatted text by 4 spaces


It should be out shortly I’m PS4 too so I’m right there with you.


Yes I understand that but they gave a time and failed it warframe did this same crud over and over again and made me stop playing it


Things happen. I’ll keep you updated on when it goes live.


Damn dude. You’re missing out then, the latest update is pretty sock :smiley: #chrome


I just love it when a game pisses me off before finals med finals of all things Ty for the support tho psn is Dante–Inferno__ sleeping before I decide to troll the whole forums out of pure rage


I don’t doubt warframe’s awesome factor just not enough console respect for me to put time and money into


Funny cause thats what im playing right now to pass the time |: lol


Once again it’s a fun game developers however can go you know what


Sorry if it came off as me repeating how fun it was i just thought it was a coincidence that you mentioned it cause im playing it right now. Which i thought was funny.

Anyways i do agree with you i hate when things dont come out on time .-.


Now I get sorry for snapping at you


It seems like it was pushed to 8pm PST or the original post had the wrong time zone so within 40minutes it should be live.


I can confirm it’s now live for me on PS4.


It’s not for me checked all game modes maps skins update history EVERYTHING but NOPE NO UPDATE FOR ME OR ANYTHING


Restart the game. It’s a micropatch so you won’t get a download.


Still nothin on x one but if you got it then



They’re dicking my time away too


I literally am CRYING because I don’t have the maps anything I just am done


Did you restart the game, go to multiplayer, go to customs, and then check?


Yep Checked everything POSSIBLE IN THE UNIVERSE