So much hate about this game on other forums/comment sections


I don’t know about you guys, but pretty much everytime I look at the youtube comment section of an Evolve gameplay video, or in the forums from populare gaming sites (Gamespot, Gameinformer, IGN etc) 90% of the comments are extremely negative.
‘The game looks dull.’
‘Same thing over and over in every video.’
‘Hunters don’t die quick enough/should stay dead permanent’
‘Monster looks boring.’
‘Overhyped like Titanfall.’

etc etc. Anyone know’s where this high rate of negativity comes from? Or is it like this with every game that isn’t GTA: Call of Battlefield; Source?



It come from somewhere? I started to suspect that too lately…

I like Evolve but I doubt everybody will like it. And I doubt I’m going to play it 300 hours like COD. I expect more something like 20 hours, like l4d2.



1.This game is amazing i bought a Xbox one for the game to play the beta and whatnot.

2.Most of my friends say this game looks stupid and idk why i already have a group of 4 people to play evolve with on Xbox so that’s awesome.



It’s just them not being bothered to actually research the game, or come off their drip supply of CoD.
There’s lots of comments like ‘why no ai?’ when we all know there will be. ‘hunters are op!’ ‘why only one map?’ If they can’t be bothered to research the game, before they make false statements, I don’t want them playing Evolve. They can find something else.



Oh? I thought there would be a little tutorial video for each class/character. There was one for Kraken in the E3 matches, don’t they use similiar videos for instruction in the alpha?



Lol, IKR. everyone one ive seen and talked to that has played this game loves it, they’d probably marry the game if they could, and the best part was they were very negative about it before they played it,
so everyone that is bashing this game hasn’t even played it so till they do they can’t judge this game considering it has a lot of content or is going to over time.



I honestly think that the stagnation in AAA gaming lately has made everyone assume that every game with a gun in it is exactly the same. Combine this with the fact that people have a hard time understanding the nature of asymmetry, and the whole thing appears to be generic to them.

It’s 100% based on false assumption - I have met many people in real life who had such opinions until I convinced them to listen to the full concept. By the time my explanation is done, their jaws are on the floor and they are asking me where they can preorder.



lol even tho this may be a waste of time i took it upon myself to reply to stupid people stupid questions just to see what happen, and it made me realize i would rather be in Hell than a youtube comment section,
I’ve personally never seen so much hate for a game EVER, and everyone is calling this game over hyped when all i see is people bitching over little things and assume all the game is just Kraken vs the 4 new hunters, they don’t even know about Goliath lmao, so you either love it or you hate for some reason ( I LOVE IT ) if you want to see one in Action, look up the IGN E3 video and look at one of the top comments,,
The guy i’m talking about name is Caleb king and he has a stupid raccoon picture with a nice suit and he basically is on a mission to save the world from this game, i’m sad he got a few people on his side during the debate but i had some people help me tag team him lol and the conversation isn’t over yet but my point is that this basically sums up the haters and they’re a LOT.



Ah well, at launch when they realise how wrong they were, we’ll just be like



I laughed a lot harder than I should have.



Trolls keep on trolling, never feed them especially ones that live under bridges. The lack of internet accountability or “anonymity” if you can call it that is what fuels these bored individuals into posting self-proclaimed comments and defamatory statements about the game and those who support it.



yeah when haters see Evolve win Goty (no pressure).

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With the constant disappointment I’ve had with games recently I can see why people have become bitter and cynical. I did the same with Sniper Elite 3 thinking it was going to be a boring, generic shooter with nothing but sniping. I mean fair does it was, but it was fun to play because I’d drastically lowered my expectations. Right now it’s far better for me to dread the upcoming release of a game and love it, than it is to be hyped and be disappointed. What sets Evolve apart from the games I’ve been disappointed like Ryse, Knack, Thief, Killzone, ESO, CoD: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 just to name a few? As far as I’m concerned, nothing. I’m not going to let the disappointment crush me like it did with those other titles. I want to like Evolve and sure I look forward to it, but I’m not leaping on the lovewagon and I’m not going to praise this game based on things I don’t entirely know.

But those who hate the game should ought to look at some more gameplay. Chances are most have only seen 3 videos at max including a trailer. If they read the forums, get involved with the dev discussions and whatnot, they might come to like it a lot more than they initially thought. I did, and I don’t regret coming here to see what others think of it.



To be fair, the game is over hyped although probably not as over hyped as Destiny. There will be a ton of people that will not enjoy Evolve and people have a reason to be upset at game review sites for being nothing more then hype machines instead of genuinely trying to help their audience make an informed decision about whether the game is right for them. I don’t think a single negative thing was said about Evolve in that IGN video; i don’t t hink i’ve seen a single negative thing said about Evolve in any game review site’s videos or articles covering it. Even if you think Evolve is a great game, it is fairly indisputably not perfect.



How often do you get a game where you can play as a beast of a machine, rampaging through the thick of it and destroying all those that oppose you, especially against other players and not AIs. I don’t see many games like Evolve where you can best 4 other people with skill and planning and be something as nasty as the Goliath or Kraken. There really isn’t any other video game out there that is doing this. It’s a game that is offering players a different kind of play and being smart about it.



I know this is probably unrealistic, but I think it would be great if Evolve released as an open free play a day prior to launch. This way, everyone can at least get their hands on it for a while and decide on their own, rather than be swayed by past experiences or sour, unknowledgable critics. I really think this would actually gain more buyers for Evolve. There is an awful lot of anger and biased opinions out there.



If you have 4 other friends with the same system who are willing to buy the game, all 5 of you are going to have a good time. If you don’t have those 4 friends you are going to get a lot less enjoyment from the game.



You can blame a lot of this on Titanfall, although its not all its fault. I think the current attitude of gamers has been a long time coming. We’ve been feed so much of the same crap year after year…sequel after sequel…a lot of gamers are burnt out.

Titanfall isn’t a bad game by any means. It was just very disappointing to see a game that was put on such a high pedestal as the prime example of the new generation of games…and be so damn similar as every other game thats being shoveled out. A lot of gamers had enough, and now they are lashing out any time people start hyping up another game…especially another FPS game.



I know what you mean, just look at what happened to Watch Dogs, now Ubisoft is getting it too for Division and how pretty they’re making it look lol.



I am excited about Evolve, even though I know better not to. I have been just as excited for other games and been completely burned once they come out. Although a big difference with Evolve is that pretty much everyone that has played it has come back with nothing but praise. That doesn’t always happen. Still, I stopped a long time ago promoting to friends games I have not played, and Evolve is no different. But I do have high hopes.

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