So much hate about this game on Eurogamer


Message to Evolve creators.

I have such high hopes for this game. So much that I decided to spend the $99.99 for the monster race edition and got two of my friends to buy the same edition also.

People are mad, saying the price is high for a game that isn’t even complete and riddled with scam dlcs for the same content. Please prove these guys wrong.

I expect to see this game becoming something bigger.


I can give them names of Alot of other titles with way higher prices for the ultimate edition of that title!


Where they unsuccessful? Like Titanfall and Destiny?


In what way is Destiny unsuccesful? xD


… I still don’t know how this meme got to be a big thing.

Destiny is huge. Calling it ‘the biggest 6/10 of the year’ is entirely accurate. Looot of people playing Destiny. As for Titanfall, I jumped into a game earlier. Friday afternoon. Ten to four. Took less than a minute to get into a game, so, y’know, I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but it looks like it’s doing pretty well.

Aaaaaaanyway, I’m pretty sure of two things. One, Evolve will be successful. Two, in about a years time, people will be saying “Will it be unsuccessful, like Titanfall, Destiny and Evolve?”


Hope you’re right. :smiley:


Actually it goes like that.Destiny and Titanfall hyped as fck.LOTS of people bought it.I just read Destiny has 16 million accounts created.But of course no1 asked what would happen end-game.And Destiny had bad end-game.That’s why people are complaining about it.But in the other hand we know what Evolve has.There is nothing hidden here.We won’t find our selfs wondering,okay now what?Once the game comes out and it gets an awesome metacritic and people being happy,more and more will be coming.


Titanfall is still really nice imo, I still play it today, but the player base gets low, like 1200 people playing attrition at night, at most.


I remember COD:MW2 costing $120 for the base game at release in Australia. That was way, way, way, way to too high.


At least i know im not the only one who dragged my friends into this, I also got the master race and asked one of my friends to get it :stuck_out_tongue:


wow. You’re an enthusiastic fan!

but you’re not only one :wink:

I bought the monster race edtion too. haha


$100 isn’t that bad, when I got skyrim by itself with no special editions or whatever, it cost 80 bucks…yeah
And also at least they not saying if you unlocked this new monster or hunter like wraith or something, at least it’s not asking you to pay 2 bucks every time you unlock something, not saying names (primal carnage extinction… I don’t really care cause I still like pc: e)


I spent a lot of time on Eurogamer trying to reason with them, they’re not interested in reason.


Hating on Evolve is merely the cool/hipster thing to do right now. When there is no longer good reason to trash talk the game, they will pick up the game and then they’ll all become the fools whining that Goliath is OP/UP and that hunters should have unlimited jet pack on our forum.


Who cares? Do you really want these whiney bitches in the community? I don’t.


Don’t bother. Some people can’t be reasoned with- I know that because it’s my job to reason with those who can’t be reasoned with. As @Mr_Suplex says, good riddance. I don’t want them in this community either, and I’m sure I’m not alone.


As much as i’d enjoy snacking on the nubs that previously “hated” but bought the game anyways, well, that’s all they’d be good for. Just easy wins. Here’s to hoping they don’t find this forum and keep the OP and UP complaints on steam and youtube, like usual. :monster:


Whether we like it or not, they’re coming.


I saw some of your comments I believe. I applaud your brave but ultimately futile effort. :bow: