So much for the ranking

I thought no required headset would be the worst thing about this, but noooo… it doesn’t even work in itself. I just played monster for the first time since ranking came in and faced people who were ranked twice in a row. Seems fair.

Your first matches seem to be up against teams that include other players needing to determine their rank as far as I can tell. Try getting through the placement matches and then see who it puts you in with after that?


Ranked players aren’t necessarily better than you, they have just past their determine rank games before you.

I think it helps determine what rank you should be at by the end anyways. If you keep beating bronze players by the time you get ranked it might put you at silver.

It’s only been a day since ranked went live, many still playing their determining ten matches and not ranked yet.

Others havepower played to get their ranks so its hit and miss.

My final match as monster put me against silver skilled hunters, still won. Can’t imagine the look on the faces of the ’ being determined’ hunters when they saw my rank as monster this evening!

Give it as couple more days to a week when player base all been ‘ranked’ and it should work as intended.

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Aye, give it a little time, let folks get ironed into their respective rankings. Hell, during Placements it’s not bad to have you go against higher ranking folks anyways, let’s the system see if you’re high enough to tangle with them (Much rather that then get the Gold folks from the get go and get beaten down to the ‘correct’ rank over and over and over :P)

Speaking of, just landed my Monster placement. I am exactly one point under @MajorLeeHyper on the Monster board. This must be rectified O.o

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