So much BM


I’m so sorry xD

Basically it goes like this. So this match is a complete face-stomp with goliath (although they were very much noobs, a hank that never shielded, 1 hunter dead 10 seconds out of the dropship)… I made a MASTER juke one the (barracks?) level. I did a triple jump past the relay to the big circular platform, and then snuck around back, they didn’t find me until stage 2 full armor xD.

Anyways, after I facestomp them in a stage 2 confrontation, sunny runs away. So I just go stage and armor up. After I smash the fresh dropship recruits, I decide to troll markov, the last remaining hunter. Basically smacking him with my crotch for about 30 seconds until he finally turned around and started shooting me xD

The whole lobby left after that :’(


gj! Whats BM? I only know it as bowel movement.


:joy: Oh that’s priceless.


Bad Manners, mostly used in Card games such as Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering, basically they cheese the end even though they have the obvious win (playing more/frivolous cards before the gg)


What a fancy thing to say! I had never heard that. I use to play back when I was ten so 1996. I dont remember much. Ive been to the headquarters a few times. It looked like a fun place. Lots of nerf guns


i wouldnt say bm is mostly used in card games, but any online game as a form of trolling.


Ah, I have only ever heard it in Card games :stuck_out_tongue: