So monsters got all these anti-jetpack perks

(Tier 1) Leg Breaker: 5|7.5|10 dps ; -0.6|-0.7|-0.8 Jump mod
(Tier 2) Fly Swatter: 10|12.5|15 dps ; (-30%, -40%, - 50%) Jp Strength efficiency
(Tier 3) Grounder: 20|23|26 dps ; -25 % |-30% | -35% JP Thrust reduction

So can Hunters can get the same bullshit?

(Tier 1) Hard Climber x/x/x dps ; -x|x|x climb mod
(Tier 2) Crippled leg x/x/x dps ; 30, 40, 50% Traversel speed efficiency
(Tier 3) Where you going boi? x/x/x dps ; 25-30-35% movement speed recovery

Don’t know what you were thinking… just because some ESL squad rekt some monsters? Jetpacks are the ONLY mobility hunters have, hunters don’t have traversels, they don’t have abilities that give them mobility other than Caira’s speedboost. I just got into a game with a monster who told us he was running these perks. There was NO way other than wasting 2-3 jetpack charges to dodge 1 goddamn ability. The other 2 perks just nail you to the ground unless you run FULL rocketmanlordking

I also noticed everyone is playing monster out of the sudden. I am seeing lobbies with 2-3 monsters, rubbing their hands like birdman knowing the chance of losing in a public game has dropped to below 1%.

We have a couple of topics about this already