So Monsters can eat while being shot at now? That pretty much ruins Lazarus, doesn't it?


We just had a few games with Laz against a kraken. The monster ate corpses although we were shooting him up, which kinda made Lazarus moot.

It’s hard enough to succeed with Laz as it is and with the new damage nerf to his sniper, the new strikes upon death, the longer time it takes to revive with the glove, etc. he seems almost impossible against good monsters at this point.


You have to do a certain amount of damage to stop feeding now.

It’s not very much, it just prevents 300m cheese shots.

If your team, or even just you yourself, are aware you can still deny feeding easily.


You cant eat while being shot HOWEVER with fast feeding perk(s) you can eat extremely fast, so only a vast of a second reloading and he can eat it. I’ve done it multiple times.


Huh, weird. Hank was tearing him up but it didn’t seem to make any difference. Perhaps it was a bug?
We’ve tried it a couple of times. If a single hunter can’t stop a monster feeding, Laz is going to be even more difficult, unfortunately.


Perhaps. Was he hitting him continuously?

Someone like Hank should certainly have knocked him off, Hank’s damage is fantastic. [quote=“Santhoran, post:3, topic:91115, full:true”]
You cant eat while being shot HOWEVER with fast feeding perk(s) you can eat extremely fast, so only a vast of a second reloading and he can eat it. I’ve done it multiple times.

This is true, yes. It’s quite frustrating. You can actually eat a Hunter with perks in the time it takes for Laz to reload.


Laz is currently, or should i say was always, a gamble. Currently more then ever i would guess. Fast feeding is pretty common these days and with all his flaws, Laz isnt and was never a reliable medic.

It can work, but you rely on luck and on the capabilities of the monster player.


i hear ya there im a monster player and i dont like that they nerfed his rifle but he can stil be toxic with the right perks but again i feel ya. I dont use feeding speed perks i find them to be to big a gamble


You can still interrupt them. TRS added a threshold that gets bigger the farther away you are so if your hank was shooting from very far away he’d have a harder time interrupting.


It’s actually a fair bit. Like as a hank player I can’t stop the monster from eating a 2 meat corpse unless I’m like 2 feet away headshotting it. Btubnfj has a topic up asking if it’s a bug that he couldn’t stop a monster eating a 3 meat with WLM.


Are you sure it’s not a bug?

I have been denying feeding with just Lazarus’ sniper rifle, doing slowly paced out, accurate shots, and with Kala’s Siren orbs which aren’t instant travel.


Hanks isn’t much higher. Higher damage per bullet might be better for interrupting in this case.


Note this.

in that video, monster was eating those one meats very, very quickly and moving on to the next.

As such, Maggie couldn’t actually break the threshold because every time she got close it finished eating and moved on to the next, effectively resetting the threshold.

It’s annoying, but it’s just feeding speed I guess.


Damn, you got that out just as I screeenshotted it here. :frowning:



Really? That just doesn’t make sense. I’ve tried this so many times now and the monster just eats the corpses anyway :-/


It is likely this.

It’s just Feeding Speed being an issue, I think.

It is quite unfair, so try to get Trapper, Support or Assault or just everyone who’s alive to shoot continuously. That should be enough.

If it gets to the point where everyone is down, well, good game.


He’s actually eating 2 meats. So WLM couldn’t stop him from eating say a hunter corpse if it was laz.


I think they have decayed slightly when this is happening. I mean, he’d have killed them earlier, right?

I don’t know. I know that feeding speed can actually result in lightning hunter devouring, I’m not denying that.