So maybe pc monster race wasn't the best name


I won’t say to much but listen to what this guy from pcgamer has to say on the topic of the play on words PC master/monster race


it’s okay as long as they don’t have a monster called goebbeagles


Eh, PC Gamer is losing my interest pretty quickly with their focus on meaningless articles like that. It’s a joke, it’s self-deprecating, it’s funny to a fair number of people, and we should not let ourselves be ruled by political correctness.

The author tries to assert that the joke genuinely makes people uncomfortable but I find that hard to believe. It just seems such a stupid thing to be upset about. I think the name for the Evolve PC Monster Race edition is rather clever and see nothing wrong with it.

I know quite a few console people who refer to themselves as “console gaming peasants”. It’s all in good fun.


author was probably console-curious or one of the consoletownspeople


You know what’s amazing? If this guy didn’t write this article I never would’ve made the connection between the term and Nazi Germany. And I’ve watched Yahtzee’s stuff for years.

You should check out what he says about the article, it’s very interesting :


Dude lost all credibility when he brought in the Nazi Germany analogy.


It’s hard to lose credibility for bringing in the Nazi analogy when the reason the phrase exists is because of it’s connection to Nazi germany. If anyone is using the term “PC Master Race” as some kind of reference to themselves in positive, they’ve kind of not got the reference.

That said, PC Monster Race is a nice play on the meme.


“Wilde makes the point that they may not be fully appreciating the context behind the term. But even that, in it’s own way, could be a positive thing. Because the Nazis were dicks, and they don’t deserve to have power over our language anymore. If some millennial can honestly use the term ‘PC Master Race’ for years without even knowing that it’s a Nazi reference, then I’d chalk that up as a win. That’s how badly you lost, Mr. Hitler - your armies were destroyed, your nasty ideals have been condemned, and now we’ve taken all your favorite words away. Suck it, Dolfy.” (See above article)

PC gamer has really taken a nosedive. All I can hear in my head when I read that shit is, “Please don’t swear, man.” The guy states that it’s not a call to political correctness, but oh yes it is. I’m not sick of the PC master race thing, I’m sick of people complaining about it.