So matchmaking is still broken!

SOOOOO… after the hotfix which I thought was supposed to fix the matchmaking, the game is still broken, still takes forever to find a game and my team consistently get booted before we even find a monster. I was hoping this patch would have fixed things but it actually made it worse, is that even possible? Yup it is!!! 1 match in 1.5 hours is kind of ridiculous, we keep freezing and having to reboot the apppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!! This path fixed nothing

Lies, its working fine now. Play skirmish if you hate waiting so much.

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the real teams play hunt, and its broken. We are all sitting here starring at a blank screen that says waiting for players to load. That shouldn’t be an answer btw @FishyG23 “play skirmish” that’s an awful response. hunt is the main game mode and its broken


Im pretty sure skirmish is considered the main game mode now, considering its the first option when you go to the menu. Besides, playing just hunt gets boring after a while.

Skirnish was always the first option they just changed arena to hunt and changed skirmish to 3 game modes

i’m unable to connect in skirmish as well. 1 game in over an hour of trying. not 1 solid hour of trying, waiting 5 min, try again, take a break, try again, wait 10 min, and so on.


There is a mode where you never have to wait. It’s called solo. Want to play with people in the game mode you want to be competitive, tough luck.

Thank you for your feedback, :smile: TRS is working as hard as they can to make sure that this issue is fixed as soon as possible; unfortunately this patch said nothing of “fixing” matchmaking. As I’ve said in a previous post that I will post here:

It is to be expected to have long queue times if you want to play ranked. They are working swiftly for a solution and hopefully it will come soon. If you don’t like waiting then move to a game of Skirmish or get a group together to play customs. Trying to play Ranked will have you wait a while.

For me its less than a minute to get into the match every game. It could be connection problems for you or something.

Waiting for players to load doesn’t sound like a matchmaking problem, but sounds like you, or someone in your party, is having problems connecting to the game server. Can you check your network settings to make sure UPnP is enabled on your router and make sure you don’t have any particular ports or IP ranges blocked or extra security settings? In general, average queue times are pretty low right now so we’re not seeing an epidemic of matchmaking problems in the data, but if you let us know your platform and region (geographically, not your Steam region if on PC) we can take a look into it.

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Yeah im having absurd long wait times as well. it said that there are too many monsters are playing so queue times for hunters is quicker. So i tried to play as hunter and the queue is just as bad. I sat there for like 5 minutes with 3 other hunters and no monsters, even though there are supposed to be too many monsters.

My mm for hunters is alright, I usually find people quick, but sometimes it takes a long time to get a monster. Now for monster it’s just terrible. Sometimes it’ll be within 10 mins, other times it takes so long I almost fall asleep.

Wait…if the real teams are playing hunt…but hunt can’t be played because it’s broken…



Afterbefore hotfix patch 5.1 i am die in the player search. 30 min search for a match.

Trick question, there aren’t any. So Brian’s argument is completely invalid.

not invalid, good teams play hunt, just takes forever to get into a match, aka broken.

A lot of people r having issues, how can u say it’s us. Everyone (especially the ps4 community) is really struggling right now to get a match where no one gets booted. I’m in Mississippi right now btw.

He’s not wrong. That’s not a game problem, that’s a you problem.