So many things just lead to having a bad experience


joining a game and having to play a character you’ve never played not fun.
joining a game with a level 3 monster with full armor not fun.
somebody else getting the character you wanted to play and they suck cause theres no “ranking system” just exp levels not fun.
playing a game with bots that are clueless as to how there roll should be played not fun.
basically being faulted cause i didn’t go in with three other players when a ranking system with fix most of these problems.


Most of us don’t mind joining a game with new characters. You get to play them without unlocking them! And many of us find the final Stage 3 fight to be a LOT of fun. But everyone’s different. On the plus, that won’t happen too much. Rarely, in fact.

There is a ranking system, but we’re too early in for it to take effect.


They are working on introducing ranked matchmaking

There is other stuff that decides who you get matched up with besides level, but this will probably only become more noticeable at highe levels and when we get more people playing

There was talk in the forum of adding an option in matchmaking, so you don’t join any games in progress. This would fix your first complaint, but I don’t remember any of the devs comments on it


First off, don’t command the Devs. They are incredibly active with their community, and you should be fortunate that they even made this game for you to play.

Second, that happens rather rarely. And who cares if you have to play a character you don’t normally play? You get experience with that character. Who knows, maybe you’ll like them.

Third, what’s the problem with fighting a Stage 3? It’s more challenging. That’s like going rock climbing and yelling at nature for making the rock too high.


Most of us think the bots are actually pretty good. They use advanced tactics, play smart, and work well together.


Bot Hank is better than any human player I played with. All the good support players I played with chose Cabot or Bucket. But that bots shield gun use and abusive use of orbital is amazing.


I have to agree. After about 30 games, I’m pretty happy to say I love the game but have a bunch of issues with it. I was going to make a rant thread about it, but that is not productive, so my thoughts:

  • If someone sets a character as their least preferred, then that probably means they do not want to play as them at all. I never want to play as Monster, but I am often thrown into that position.

  • I would like a “new games only” option please. I’ve joined quite a few games now that had 2 of us dead, all on 2 strikes, and the Monster at Stage 3 with 80% health, its just a pain in the butt.

  • I seem to be the worst Evolve player out there, which my 10 loss streak can attest. The fact that my name is up on the leader boards with these terrible stats is more than a little obnoxious.

  • Matchmaker feels borked. The whole point of it is to give people a balanced game, not to constantly throw them at high level / skill Monsters with Trappers who dont know what a dome is.

  • I’m sure the Monster is nice and balanced at high levels, with competitive teams, but the low level PUG experience has been completely terrible. I can’t fight some giant, fire breathing lizard when I’m busy try to convince Val to heal a near dead Markov so we can actually pick a fight with the Monster.

  • Wraith… Maybe she has been balanced, and if so, that is nice. However, I’m getting a little sick of spending 90% of my time fighting (or more accurately, ignoring and running past) decoys.

  • The whole idea of teamwork versus a single, powerful player is great. Problem is, if you don’t get some nice, close games and some good team mates, it can be a really bad first impressions.


All these will be solved in a few days when ranked matchmaking is up. In the meanwhile, I’ll just play customs with the fantastic bots.


I’m saying I like the game, but it has given me a terrible first impressions. Right now the Monster just seems overpowered as most Hunter groups are not at the level in which it is meant to be a balanced fight… I mean, sure, ranked will probably fix it, but that is not going to change the frustration I’ve experienced so far.


Generally it’s balanced when the Monster and Hunters are of equal skill. It’s also difficult to get used to the style of this game- seeing as it’s so radically different to others- but once you do, you’ll be fine. :blush:


It will give bad first impression i agree but only because people are so lazy these days and dont want to spend any time learning the game they are playing.

On the plus side the game gets really good when people do get better eventually and the people who dont wantto learn leave.


Eventually it’ll be like NS2 with only the hardcore players left. And we ancient day one fans, of course. :smile:


The biggest issue for me at the moment is people not playing the classes properly, i have had games where people pick medic (My main class, 2nd on ps4 leader boards) and they just stand miles away and snipe rather than actually heal other players in fights when that should be the main thing you do. Assaults also not getting stuck in and activating personal shield. Luckily i will have a team of 3 from now on which should allow the experience to improve, but atm if you play solo with randoms it’s no fun at all as it rarely gives you your preferred class and you end up with players that are worse than the bots which are awful.


its the same shit that happens in mobas also just hang in there untill the matchmaking kicks in and you start to get decent games. People are new what do you expect? they are really really bad at the game.


That is the point though. If a Hunter is learning, then you would throw him at a Monster who is also learning. My most recent game had me and a bunch of people under level 3 go up against a level 19 Monster. It was not even close, and at this point I’m convinced Goliath ate the matchmaking software or something.


I say this to everyone who brings it up but the option to not join a game part way through will ensure that if a player leaves you will not get a replacement. This is a horrible idea.


Why do people leave in the first place? Sometimes its because they have something that they need to deal with, and that is fine, but 90% of the time its going to be because they are getting destroyed. It might just be me, but why would I want to join a game that someone considered hopeless enough to leave?


So you’d rather condemn 3 people to a hopeless game cause you don’t want one maybe loss on your record? It’s not all that bad joining an in progress game. You can turn it around.


I joined a game and was already getting eaten by a Tyrant, while two of my allies were dead. Last player was getting chased by the Monster. Game ended in less than 30 seconds of my joining. No thanks? Why should I have to deal with the consequences of someone else and how they played? Leave me out of it.


Games like that shouldn’t count against your record I agree but what you suggested would end up with a game where person leaves because they don’t like one of the classes at the start of the game and they would never fill it for the rest of the match because people wouldn’t join an in progress match because of bad experiences like that.