So Many Recruitment Topics


I… I can’t take… any more… recruitment topics… -dies- :skull:


Remember to buy snacks for the long trip to hell.

Its a long ride.


Lol why hell? I’m personally atheist though so I don’t really believe in anything like that.


Oh right. Hell from where I come from refers to the graveyard. Not “hell” per say. and besides thats besides the point.

You gotta have snacks.


Snacks are a must anyways for sure gotta get my Pringles :smile:


I’m kind of a Christian and kind of Agnostic and kind of Atheist…I think of “Hell” as another word for unimaginable suffering. :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s a graveyard, in my backyard. ^.^
I don’t eat snacks, what do I do? Do I just take dinner out there, and eat while walking to “hell”?


If you’re talking about the LFG/LFM topics, you should be able to mute them in your preferences, so they don’t pop up as new topics


Yeah I know but I need to read a lot of new topics for regular I just found out yesterday I need like almost 2000 more


How did you find that out?


I asked a moderator to check my progress I just need to read a crapload of new topics and posts.


Ah ok, thanks for answering, good luck :grin:


Thanks :smiley:


So you’re somewhat an omnist? Wow I think they were all but extinct in this present day and time like the Shakers(known for probably being the best wood furniture makers in the US)


Oh and which mod did you ask?


I asked @Plaff because I was playing some games with him yesterday.