So many quetions


I really think some things are not clearly explained

  • Bullets poison the monster buff: What exactly counts as bullets? Does Hyde’s flame thrower shoot “bullets”? and Caira’s grenade launcher?

  • Inscreased damage buff: Does that also apply to Caira’s healing grenades? Cause they also do some kind of “damage” just positively right?


No and No.

Bullets is everything that shoots bullets.Hyde minigun-Markov rifle-Parnell Shotgun-Torvald Shotgun-Abe Shotgun-Maggie weapon-Griffin Weapon-(Not sure about Val-Laz rifle)

No healing doesn’t get affected by damage


Val and Laz count


I used to think that too, but then…

Even mininukes count as bullets, apparently!


LOL sorry for the missinformation then.I guess everything deals the poison effect xD


Oh but then I also remember reading in another thread that Bucket turrets DON’T actually apply those effects, but since I can’t find the thread/post in question I might be wrong on that.


does anyone know if damage perk would affect buckets turrets?


It does
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For the Turrets, Damage perk does affect them, Poison Buff does not.


I assume that means slow doesn’t affect turrets either?

Also, I don’t know if I ever saw orange confirmation whether or not flamethrower/lightning gun were affected by slow/poison. Your post in the other thread seems to include those weapons, but it was never confirmed.


Basically if it’s a gun that does damage, those effects are applied. If it’s a placed object that does damage, those effects are not applied. So yes, the Flamethrower would apply the Poison and Slow effects.

Wildlife Buff Question

Hurray, finally I know!


See? such stuff is so ambiguous, they should have used the more generic term “projectile, ballistic and torch weapons” as in other games.

Thanks guys for all your help !