So many Monster players leave game


Honestly, it getting to point these players who leave game, whether any side of you play, need some sort a penalty for leaving so much.
Last might, my buddies and I play in a lot of matches on PS4, about 25 matches as a team hunter. Out of those matches we faced 22 different monster players. 20 of those monster players leave mid-game when we they are about to lose or get dome in unfavorable spots. It is so childish, in a game where the learning curve is so steep, why not take the lost and learn from it?

As a team with my friends, since matchmaking has its ups and downs, anytime a player joins in on a game where we fighting a A.I. we all hit the restart the round, to give this player the chance and edge to get his perks and characters perks. All we want is face good monster players, who pushes us to test ourselves and get better at this game. Not players who leave mid-game, who can’t a lost and probably doesn’t want to tried a runback game. If we lose to a great monster player, we want to play him more and learn more.

Anyone else feel this way sometimes?


well u played alot…idk if i played you guys tho did u remember an akumasrage11? I dont leave haha.


I’ve personally been encountering a lot of PS4 players starting out as Maggie and then leaving, which has caused me to spend practically all of my Maggie time filling in for the bot. Which is fine and all, but it got to the point where I seemed to be doing this every other time I played as a Hunter. I like Maggie and Daisy, don’t get me wrong, but I repeatedly had to pick up her when someone else left and I can’t even use my Exterminator skins when I do so, which is the main reason why I’m complaining and which lead me to my first and (thus far) only mid-game disconnect. I personally would like the option to pick the alternate skins you as the player already have access to if you are picking up a bot. Any possibility of this making it into the game @MacMan?


Thats a good idea. I will use this.


I think I’ve seen before, but a while ago, my I.D. is the same as the name here. TrickedDJrenji, I play around 6p.m. EST till around midnight with my buddies.


yeah if your around level 40 then we have to have played before. i think i recognize the name. last night i had issues on orbital drill i was wondering if that was you guys…kraken stage 2 wiped the hunters then i went stage 3 full hp and lost cuz of that stupid objective location and the bug that aftershock doesnt clear markovs and maggies traps right now.


Hmm its possibly, I mostly played trapper, switch on and off between the three of them. Though if I see your name again, I know its you :smile:


I’ve been getting errors in matches the more I play on PS4 :frowning: it sucks too cause it’s always a great match and then the game freezes for a split second and the blue screen pops up… had a 30+ minute match getting down to the final seconds… it was super tense then… poof. Maybe some other monster players are having the same problems as me.


Noted. That makes sense.


WHy should they stay in a game and spend 5+ minutes losing when they could leave and find a new match where they might win?

I say if you leave mid match anything you earned like damage caused by rock throw counts against you instead.


those are the ppl with monster as 5th choice they think well… ive already loaded so i give it a shot then they see its a 4 player party and leave cuz they know they cant win cuz they dont even wanna play monster


Post patch, (Monster Main) I’m actually experiencing more disconnect errors on XB1 – annoying, as I was just in a solid match, and it could have gone either way, and it DC’d, and now I look like a rage quitter. :pensive:


tbh I don’t leave ill stay to the bitter end win or lose.

my enjoyment out of being a monster is killing the hunters I could care less about winning…if I kill even one hunter during a match…that’s a win for me…nothing else matters.

normally I kill 2-3 hunters a game and lose the objective/map 90% of the time but again, killing the hunters to me is a win and im happy.


yesterday i won with goliath with .5 hp. thats what i get for trying to do cool looking things and not ending the game. i got armor again and somehow beat them lol.


This is has been getting more and more common from my experience


i sadly start to understand why people do that.
its the simple frustration ratio the game offers when u lose a game by whatever happens and that to be said the frustration in evolve can go very big.

i feel like its almost the same like u get in league of legends, you can work very hard all game long but 1 bad thing just needs to happen and its like 10-30 minutes of your game is wasted and all that fun can just turn within a single second into frustration and does remove the fun wich you had before just in an blink of an eye.

my ragequits already increased as well in the game but i got 450+ hours in it - its not that much fun anymore at all for me as it was in alpha i.e…

What type of experience do we want?

This. A big part of the fun is the thrill of “who’s gonna win?”. If you’re a stage 2 Goliath who just lost half his health getting domed after evolving and you didn’t score any strikes, you lost. GG.

Sure, the monster could drag the match out until the time limit. But he can’t win. Not enough health for a sustained engagement to kill all the Hunters. So why bother? The game’s not fun anymore. The winner has been decided. Short of the other team having a stroke and suddenly becoming incredibly less skilled, there’s no chance of a comeback.

I usually just sit still and let the Hunters kill me when it’s clearly over. Then I can get to playing Hunters more quickly! A forfeit vote would be nice instead, but it’s the best I can do.


^^^ that simply isn’t true I ha e won many monster games being very close to death, if the hunters mess up you can. Take advantage of it, I had the best game of my life the other day, I won with half a bar of health left, I want from getting killed to sneak pouncing all four of them for the win because I guess they got cocky and split up and allowed me to do this, needless to say as close as this game could have been they all quit in the lobby right after, its sad. And it definitely seems like quitting is becoming more common and and bigger problem then it ever was…


…and as a monster player, when put as a Hunter, I wish I could fill that fresh empty monster slot but I can’t.


I know this doesn’t solve the problem of players leaving all the time, but heres a suggestion:

Maybe you should try to get a 5th man to join your party. If thats another friend of yours thats great, otherwise just post a nice request in the forums. You will probably find a Monster player who wants a challenge and wants to play against you.