So many keys, what to do with them?


I’m really surprised that you guys hand out keys in great quantities like that considering the game is F2P. I however feel like there should be more things to buy (even though I’m not really sure what). I’m currently sitting at 150k keys while having all characters/monsters as well as any perks that I use bought and upgraded to the max (to be fair I did that mostly through character progression). My playtime counted by the game is around 230 hours.


Yeah. I have zero idea why they keep handing keys out like Christmas but having nothing to actually spend them on.


Well lucky you, I still haven’t fully upgraded all my perks yet.

Can’t wait to finally start buying some fancy skins. Pink Bucket and Blood Eagle Val, you’re mine.



Got this song on Replay all weekend

i got the keys future jay z dj khaled


seeing character challenges turn in like


noone knows.
My guess is that they want the majority to unlock all perks for the telemetry to be more accurate.


Perks are very important


Well I still have characters to unlock, I imagine the bonus keys are for people like me :stuck_out_tongue:


They could add other customization options like announcer packs, card art, and whatever.


I’m probably just going to save up as many as I can for a long while for the sake of seeing a nice number, then binge on skins.

But do keep in mind that they are actively developing brand new perksets. That’s 9 new unlocks of several thousand keys at a time in a single perk set. They’re making them for hunter and monster.

There are also tonnes of old skins yet to be released and indubitably many new skins yet to be released that are being made.

And then there’s also the possibility of characters who Founders won’t unlock automatically. Tier 6 (though it’s unlikely) or a new round of variations.


Stock up now, before they push all the old skins in and any new ones they’ve been working on haha.


TRS cannot compensate for you playing too much though


Buy everything… :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I guess we can agree on that neither character level nor playtime is a good indicator for skill, but it’s better than nothing. I’m for instance having almost 470 hours playtime in Evolve but roughly 50% of it I was afk, so not even the playtime showed in Steam is correct for many people (which is why I prefered to look at the character level).


I’ve brought all the perks I will ever need, now I’m starting to buy pointless Hunter skins because I can