So many games that only award 50 credits


So many games that I win only gives a measly 50 credits. Heck, I had a game that I won as a monster and I only got 47!. Round bonus = 30; Dropship timer increase x3 = 13; Dome winner bonus = 4 credits.

Even periodic rewards crates (which I still don’t know what they give cause I haven’t received anything) only give 50 credits as part of the round “bonus”.

Seriously, the daily bonus of 150 is nice, but that’s only 1 a day. Each round needs to give at least 150-250, especially if you win.

Update: Hey look, this time I only got 25 credits for a periodic challenge, and I did not receive anything from the loot box (not even a badge).


I only got 900 credits for a 50 streak win. So my guess is unless you buy dem credits with real moneys it wont be raining credits all the time.


I just don’t understand how the credits are awarded.

Played a game (1st one of the day, I get 200 credits for a periodic challenge). 2nd and 3rd gave 50 and 25 credits. And not always. I got 50 credits from a periodic challenge for being 1st game of the day as well.